Heidi Klum and Seal`s former Beverly Hills mansion bathrooms

Back in 2005, in the days when Heidi Klum and Seal were happily married they
bought this Beverly Hills mansion and owned it till 2011: 

The house, well if you can call a 6,794-square-foot mansion sitting on 2.485 acres a house, has 6 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. Heidi & Seal bid it Auf Wiedersehen in 2011 to move into a 12,300 square foot Mediterranean mansion they bought for $14.2 million. When Heidi and Seal divorced they said that they had grown apart, hmm... could living in an almost double the size home have added to the problem? Maybe they could never find each other;) If I find photos of that estate, I`ll do another post on them. Even though Heidi and Seal are now divorced, it`s still fun to see inside their old homes. Hope you think so too!

So what are we going to look at? We`ll take a peek inside Seal and Heidi`s former master bedroom and master baths as well as into 4 of the other bedrooms and bathrooms, a powder room, massage room and their backyard (cause the pool is pretty, pretty sweet).

This was Heidi & Seal`s master bedroom:

A two sided fireplace seperates the sleeping and lounging areas: 

Now lets take a look inside Project Runway`s boss` bathroom suite.
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(There are too many photos so I thought I should put in a page break)

Hi! Glad you decided to click thru.

So on to Heidi`s bathroom suite...

Love the peach colored walls. You don`t often see peach painted walls anymore - however, Heidi is smart because the color peach casts a nice color on your skin making you look healthy and refreshed, great idea to use in a bathroom where you are
walking around butt naked.

Heidi`s jacuzzi bath looks super relaxing, perfect for after strutting down the Victoria Secret catwalk. Heidi could slip off her angel wings and kick off the mile high heels to give her $2 million dollar insured legs a nice relaxing rest.

Her peachy marble tiled shower is nice too, however, I would knock down the
wall between the shower and tub and replace it with glass to give a more spacious
open look and feel.

Notice anything interesting about Heidi Klum`s vanity?

I`ll give you a minute...

Heidi, one of the world`s most famous supermodels doesn`t have a mirror over her vanity!?! Shocking!! Ok, the bathroom doors are mirrored, but not to have a mirror over the vanity is surprising. Maybe Heidi loved the style of the vanity mirror so much that she didn`t want to sell it with the house so she took it down or maybe she saw a wrinkle while brushing her teeth and threw her shoe breaking it? Guess it will remain a mystery. I don`t think I could not have a mirror over the vanity.

I like the soft feminine colours of her changing area.
Everything looks so relaxing and refined. Such a pretty carpet. Notice how the bathroom ceiling is the same color as this carpet. We`ll see more of Heidi`s love of color matching in the guest bathrooms...

Now for a photo of what was Seal`s master bathroom.

As customary, the man`s master bath is half the size of the woman`s. Makes sense to me! We`ve got a lot more to do in there! Seal`s bathroom is very masculine looking.

I was kinda surprised by Heidi and Seal`s home, it`s not at all what I imagined it to be like. However, I do suspect that this was the style before they bought it and didn`t renovate most of it, but I am just guessing. It's not the style I pictured the pair who used to dress up like this to have. (That`s why I love seeing inside celebrity homes, it gives us such a different side to them. )

I`m going to miss seeing Heidi Klum & Seal`s Halloween and wedding anniversary
party photos. Bet they will miss it a bit too!

Now on to the other rooms!

First, the french inspired powder room:

Now on to the color coordinated guest bedrooms and bathrooms:

We`ve got the sunny yellow guest bedroom & bathroom:

the Tiffany blue guest bedroom & bathroom:

the lemonade yellow guest bedroom & bathroom:

and the crisp white guest bedroom & bathroom:

Feeling tired from touring Heidi & Seal`s mansion?

Jump on the massage table for a quick massage:

Or would you rather a dip in their gorgeous pool?

Heidi Klum and Seal bought this mansion for $7.6 million in 2005 and sold it for a loss at $7million in 2011. In case you want to stalk the house, here`s the address:
1502 San Ysidro Drive, north of Beverly Hills, CA.

So what did you think of their place and could you live without a mirror over your vanity?

images and info via: technorativirtual globe trotting, zap2it, real estalker, bumpshack, zeon's


amanda said...

In all honesty, I'm amazed at how ugly I find it all! But I really enjoyed your commentary, and all the information! The massage room is probably my favorite. And the pool is gorgeous!
Good suggestion on the glass between shower & bath in the peach master bath.
We "vacation" at our cabin in the far northern Ontario wilderness, accessed only by boat, every summer. The cabin is cute, but it's a rustic set up. I find it very easy to live without electricity & lights, but it's very hard for me to not have a mirror for daily routines! I resort to a tiny compact mirror for things like flossing. I'm bringing a mirror to hang next summer.

mikky said...

Thanks for stopping by Amanda. It's always great to see what other people think! I don't think I could go without a mirror either, I'm impressed that you live without electricity at your vacation home, last time I did that was when I camped as a kid, and during the odd power failure, I wonder how I'd do without power for a few weeks!

Unknown said...

hm, I have no words!

Unknown said...

Seal and Heidi, the interior of your home makes me speechless!

mikky said...

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments. I love the exterior of this house.