Gold faucets - giving your bathroom the Midas touch

Are you head over heels about gold faucets?

I think they are beautiful. Super pricey, but beautiful. Gold faucets definitely
increase the glam factor of any bathroom. Here's a photo of one of my favourite
gold faucet bathrooms:

I love the shade of blue on these walls. The muted tones used in this bathroom such as in the pretty bath mat and bathtub wall tiles makes the shiny gold accessories and bathtub fixtures pop even more. It is simple and chic. I also like that the stool legs are a deeper shade of blue to the light blue walls and the simple and great artwork. They really put a lot of attention to detail in this bathroom.

(details re this bathroom: designer DD Allen, Waterworks Classic Undermount tub, custom watery blue polished Venetian plaster walls by JJ Snyder Studio, Architecture by
Michael Pierce)

Same thing here, similar colour palette to the first bathroom and some
great Moroccan details in this bathroom. See how the gold bathtub faucet
really pops against these colours.

This vanity wouldn't look half as elegant if silver sink faucets were used:

The one thing with gold faucets is that they can look dated compared to silver
ones, so be careful when choosing your fixtures.

I think the best place to use gold faucets is in a powder room because you only need to buy a sink faucet. When you look into buying separate shower and tub fixtures in the gold colour your costs really go up fast, so by using gold faucets in the powder room you get the Wow factor without the worry of them looking dated in a few years or not being appreciated by the future buyers of your house plus you save alot of money.

I'd love to know what you think. Would you put gold faucets in your next bathroom?

images via: jimmy choo, house beautiful, country living, unknown, david collins, houzz, szekelyrobi, new ravenna


Aida said...

Hi sweetie!

I am the one who has got to thank you for being so nice to me, so complimentary about my humble blog and, most of all, for having such an interesing and appealing blog to which I profoundly connect, for it's a mirror on which I reflect my own personality and which I truly like.
kisses, wish you all the success and I'll be glad to add you to my blogroll as well, not only because i appreciate your kindness yowards me as well, but mainly because I think it really deserves it!

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mikky said...

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You are too nice! Will definitely keep in touch. I feel the same about your blog. Thanks so much for adding mine to your list as well. I wish you all the success with yours too because you deserve it too as I find your blog truly refreshing. All the best!!!

Bella said...

You have an adorable blog, Aida was right, you deserves on what you have now. What I like in this post is the fact that gold gives more classy looks whatever it is, whether in fashion accessories etc..

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mikky said...

Hi Bella!

Thanks so much for the sweetie comment. I really appreciate it. I agree with you, gold does give a classy look, in fashion I especially love when an all white outfit is paired with gold accessories, such a great look. Thanks again for stopping by Bella.