Fantastic bathroom drapes idea

I should really name this post ``Bad photos, but a good idea``. I wasn`t going to post
these photos because they don`t really do the idea or the bathroom justice, but
since I`ve never seen this anywhere before I figured bad photos are better then no
photos. I am breaking one of the cardinal rules of blogging - you should
never ever post bad photos, I`m throwing caution to the wind here!

We were over at my sister-in-law`s house for lunch and after the rest of the family had left she asked if I wanted to go check out some new model homes they had built a few streets away. I love looking at model homes and since they were multi-million dollar model homes how could I resist! So off we went, we checked out 3 different houses. I took these photos incognito with my iphone.  

These are photos of a small guest bathroom in a $3.5 million model house. 

Ok, I bet you are saying big deal, this doesn`t look like anything spectacular.

You are right, in the photo it looks like nothing much, but when I walked into
this little bathroom it had a chic lounge feeling and it is all because of these
drapes and the special little something they did with them.

Wait, let me explain.

The drapes look like nothing spectacular in the photo, but in person they
looked silky soft, very luxurious, lightweight and semi-transparent. Now the genius part,
I`ve never ever seen anyone do this before, not in any design homes bathrooms, not in
any celebrity homes, not in any decor books or decor magazines or luxury condos.
No where.

So lets look at that top photo, I kick myself for not taking another photo, but you weren`t
 allowed to take photos so I was trying to do it fast! On the right wall we see the toilet,
then on the middle wall is the window covered in drapes, then on the left wall, you can
hardly see, but there is a standard, basic bathtub. The typical thing to do would be to have a window treatment and then have a nice shower curtain covering the tub right? Well, instead of doing that, they wrapped the drapes around to cover up the bathtub. When you walk into this bathroom at first you don`t realize there is a bathtub at all. Instead you think that there are wrap around windows. Sneaky huh! The effect it creates is spectacular in person, it feels very chic and doesn`t feel like you are in an ordinary bathroom. I just loved the look and am sorry that my photos are so crappy!

To better explain I`ve drawn up a little diagram for you:

The only additions I might make are to add ceiling lighting in the tub area so that it reinforces the impression of there being a window in the tub area (I`d use dimmable lights so at night it would give a sexy look. When you have a party you could even use different color lighting in the tub area for a change). I would also attach a clear plastic or crystal looking rod to use to pull the drapes back so that visitors don`t dirty or wet the drapes when they use the tub. I`d choose a rod that adds a little design detail to the room. And finally, I`d add some weights at the bottom tip of the drape so that it stays in place and hides the tub (or you could add a little magnet to the wall and to the tip of the drape). As you can see in the diagram, the drapes go a bit passed the length of the tub to make sure
that it is nicely hidden.

Here`s the other awful shot I took, trying to show the hidden tub! You can see the
plain shower curtain and that the shower curtain is a bit shorter then the drapes.

What do you think of the idea of using wrap around drapes?

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