Decor steal: Sea animal furniture for the bathroom


I flipped out when I saw this photo on Coco&Kelly. Instant love. Some may think it's
kitschy, or Jonathan Adler on steroids, but I'm crazy about it.

This gold seahorse makeup table would be so fun to use as a bathroom vanity. It's practical too! Look at all those drawers to store your stuff in. If I were to use it as a vanity I would have to go over the top and use this seashell sink on it and turn the pink wall tuff into a door like this yellow one (scroll to the bottom of that post to see it) with a glass ball knob. If you are going to go over the top, why not go all the way!

So of course I needed to investigate further. I was not disappointed. I found a bevy of fun,fabulous pieces that would look insanely good in a bathroom. Sure they would add a touch of whimsy to any room, but I think the sea theme would look particularly good in the bathroom. I bet Kelly Wearstler has used some of Vincent Darr√© furniture in her designs, his stuff looks right up her alley. 

Wouldn't this guy look cute as seating next to a stand alone tub? I'd
replace the bench in this bathroom with him.

  Or for a narrow bathroom in need of some his and her storage to store all the
extra towels, these lobster brothers could handle it:


Not sure how many towels you'd be able to fit on this fish shelf, maybe a few rolled up
on the top shelf, but how pretty would it look to have jars of bath salts stacked up on the other shelves?


This furniture has got me dreaming of Disney movies. I almost expect these pieces of furniture to start dancing and singing. Now how fun would it be if when you opened a drawer the music to Fantasia started to play, well maybe the first 2 times, then it
would probably get a bit annoying, especially in the morning!

I love the rolly polly bellies on these frog night stands (they look more like
turtles to me). If they fit, I'd store spare rolls of toilet paper in their bellies.

Here's a closer look at these guys.
Aren't they just adorable?


The key to making a chic bathroom would be to use just one of these
furniture creatures and keep everything else sleek and modern looking, and let
the furniture be the only ornate piece in the room.

What do you think? Too over the top for you or just right?

images via: ad magazine, maison darre

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