Copper tub elegance & Celebrity bathroom game update

Isn`t this room gorgeous?

I love everything about it, from the gorgeous copper soaker tub, to the ornate, elegant mirror, the intricate molding around the door frame and ceiling, to the well worn wood floors and the fantastic green damask wallpaper (the green really makes the copper color of the tub pop) - I bet if you run your hand along this wallpaper it will feel like velvet. Also loving the delicate legs on that beautiful chair and the simple tiny makeup station. I imagine this bathroom to be in an old french estate and could picture this room once being a ballroom. Basically any room like this I always invision as a ballroom with fantastic masquerade parties, designer gowns and delicious pastries, I just can't help myself.

btw, I have not forgotten about this week's celebrity bathroom game, I am working on it, it
has just been an insanely busy week and I'm only partly done the post!

I will post the celebrity game post sometime between now and Sunday night, I'm just looking for one more celebrity to add to it, maybe I shouldn't have decided to do theme games!! Oh well, I will get it done before Sunday that's for sure.
Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

image via: unknown (from my old files where I didn't keep track of the source cause I didn't know I'd be posting them! bad,bad,bad)

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