Concrete in the bathroom, it`s not just for sidewalks anymore

I absolutely love this first photo. It has sat in my bathrooms file for a long, long time. I wouldn't necessarily want this bathroom for myself (unless of course I owned multiple houses sprinkles across the globe...) but I just find it is so good looking. I think it would be great as a bachelor's pad bathroom.

I like the look of this grey concrete bath shower combo, how the grey is dark, but it also has a lot of movement in the concrete and many touches of white. I bet this concrete looks even more fantastic wet. I also really like the hand shower model. I wonder who it is by. I like that they selected a hand shower with a black handle instead of an all silver one, it just adds an extra nice touch to the look. But most of all I like the artwork in this bathroom, it must be from a french cartoon book, but it reminds me of Jacques Cousteau and Tintin comics. And of course the pairing of the caramel brown of these old school desks or tables works wonderfully with the rich grey of the concrete. Can you tell I like this photo alot!

Would you go for all concrete bathroom like the one above?
The all concrete vanity is interesting, but I just couldn't live without having drawers in the vanity. It's too much wasted space for me! I need lots of space to store my soaps, beauty products and such and I know I would get frustrated knowing that all that space was going to waste.

To open up a small bathroom I like the idea of using a simple vanity like the one above so that the bathroom doesn't feel cramped. However, if after awhile you just can't stand missing all that storage space, you can always add pretty baskets under the vanity to store your towels, like they did in this next photo:

You love the idea of using nice cool concrete in your bathroom, but don't feel
like going with plain old grey concrete?

No worries, you can go for colored concrete! It's more expensive
the plain grey concrete but there are tons of colors to choose from.

Like the yellow concrete walls in this bathroom:

Or the teal green concrete countertops with built in sinks and green concrete tub
surround. It's hard to believe it's all made out of concrete!

I really like the look of this mortar colored concrete soaking tub and floating sink:

Like the idea of concrete, but find it a bit too plain?

How about adding a pattern to your concrete by using a stencil pattern.

Imagine stencilling something like this on your concrete bathroom floor or walls or tub:

I think it would look absolutely gorgeous!

Or imagine having a stencilled concrete floor like this in your bathroom:

You can read more about how they created this floor here.

Or you could do a nice little diy project yourself. Grab some paint and paint a
design on the floor or pick up some basic stencils at a craft shop to
do a design like this. Or let your kids go crazy with chalk on the bathroom floor!

 I know I'm going to have to do another post on colored concrete and stencilling intricate pattern designs on concrete because I had to force myself to end this post! All these designs got me excited thinking of creating Parisian bathrooms with pretty ornate floor designs in different colours!

Thinking about doing a grey bathroom? Check out this post Gray bathrooms are they a good idea? It has a bunch of gray bathroom photos and goes over what the meaning of the color represents.

images via: unknown, my paradissi, graham & co, kjerstislykke, minha casa, concrete network, concrete network, concrete network, concrete network, dornob

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