Celebrity homes bathroom game: mega female popstars edition


Combine these 4 pretty songbirds probably own more makeup then
all the women in most small countries. I wouldn`t be surprised if any of them had a
room just devoted to bottles of nail polish! So I thought it would be fun to see
where they take it all off at night.

So which is...

Adele`s bathroom?
Lady Gaga`s bathroom?
Katy Perry`s bathroom?
Rihanna`s bathroom?



Think you`ve got it figured out? 

Click the ``Click to see more`` to find out who`s is who`s.

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Here are your answers:

 Katy Perry`s bathroom

Katy Perry used to shared this bathroom with Russel Brand. Their marriage might
not have lasted, but they created a classic bathroom that will
stand the test of time. Love that lamp, they also had the same
lamp in their dining room.

 Lady Gaga`s bathroom


This is one of the eight bathroom in the house in the hills above Bel-Air that 
Lady Gaga rents for $25,000/month when she`s in Hollywood. Great floor tiles.

Rihanna`s bathroom

Ok, this bathroom photo is a bit grainy, but it was the best one
I found out there. I`m sure Rihanna is so happy that this & the 9 other bathrooms in this house aren`t hers anymore. Why? Because this bathroom is in the house she bought that ended up having tons of water damage and which she finally sold for a loss of $1.9 million.

Adele`s bathrooms

Ok, you are in luck, I`ve got photos of 2 of the bathrooms in the West Sussex mansion Adele rents for $15,000 per month.  The mansion used to be a convent and has a private chapel on the grounds, but even more interesting then that, it has been reported that apparently Adele thinks the place might be haunted because of the strange sounds she`s been hearing at night so she has hired her former chauffeur to stay with her in the house. Bet Adele is missing her little flat now. Wonder if she will appear on the show celebrity Ghost Stories or if she has rented the Ghostbusters movies or hired any people who specialize in paranormal activity to check out her place.

So how many did you get right?

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