Can you guess the famous bum in this shower?

For this week's celebs in tubs, I decided to spice it up a bit....

oh, just a little bit....

Can you guess who this A list actor is? And did you see how
nicely those towels are folded?

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Dying to know who this is?

It's Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in the movie American Psycho.

Interesting movie tidbit: 

Mary Harron (the director and co-screenwriter of American Psycho) said in the dvd commentary that all  the women on set gathered around to watch Christian Bale during
the first shower scene. Talk about employee benefits!

I'm guessing there was dead silence on the set and nobody
distracted Christian during this scene, however, I`m sure the ladies
would have enjoyed watching multiple takes.

American Psycho was made in 2000, take a look at the photos one more time, this
time try to look at those dark grey tiles. The trend now is large tiles, but I think the
small grey tiles in the shower would still look nice today in a masculine bathroom. 
Who cares about tiles right?

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