Yes, yes, yes!

Woke up this morning feeling sick as a dog. Ok, I stayed up late, very late last night working and reading up on blogging, but felt fine. This morning I woke up to a groggy pounding head, sore throat and feeling like a cast iron tub had banged me on the head (had to throw in a bathroom reference somewhere haha). Took the day off because when I catch a cold and don`t rest it can last forever, so I`m trying to nip it in the bum right away. I spent the morning lying in bed, then lying on my fatboy (for those that don`t know, it`s a piece of furniture, I`m not being rude and mean sitting on someone!)

Well on to the good I felt like I was wasting away my day big time, so I thought I would finally look into finding someone on Fiverr to fix my blog columns. Those columns have been crashing into photos of sexy celebs in tubs and ruining perfectly pretty bathroom photos for too long! Well before starting to hunt for someone on Fiverr I thought I`d give trying to fix it myself one last try. I fiddled and fiddled for an hour and SUCCESS!!!! I fixed those columns. Ok, I wasn`t able to keep my side photos big like I like them, the rubber duckies have shrunk a bit, but for now I can live with that. I am just so happy that those columns aren`t cutting into my photos anymore, was so happy
I almost forgot about my cold.

Oh and how stylish is this girl`s outfit in the tub? I want
the whole look, right down to that cool studded bracelet and fedora hat!

image via unknown


Amy Shaughnessy said...

Love the hat. I am actually doing a post tomorrow with a fedora and can't find one with brown trim...Need to look harder I suppose!

Hope you feel better. I am just getting over strep. Ugh.


mikky said...

Hi Amy,

Poor you, having strep is awful, hope it's all gone by the weekend.
Yeah it's hard to find brown fedoras, I bought one last year in a men's store, but it's not half as nice as the one in this picture. I'm still looking for the ultimate one so I'll be checking out your post!