Shower and tub tile design layout ideas

I was impressed by the variety of shower wall tile work created by 
Atmosphere Interior Designso I thought I would share them with you.

It's not always easy to find tile patterns that you like and that you will
still like 10 years from now. Overall, I think they've created some
with their designs. The only design I think could look dated in a
few years, simply because these tiles have been so popular, is
the brown tiled bathroom in the third photo.

You may remember this next bathroom from the post I did:

You aren't satisfied? You need to see MORE tile pattern inspiration for your bathroom renovation? Ok, ok, check out another post I did on shower tile designs: here. 

If you want to see a few more photos of these bathrooms or to check out the rest of
the designers' work, please visit them here. (They`ve designed some really nice kitchens. So nice that you may even be inspired to start cooking!)

It's funny, my favorite tile design in my other post on tile patterns was a beige and
white design and again in this post my favorite is the crema marfil pattern in the first shower. Which tile pattern do you like the best?

images via: atmosphere interior design

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