Oil tycoon heirs bathroom

Behind the walls of this lavish Los Angeles estate you will find the sophisticated girly bathroom of the descendants of the late oil tycoon Armand Hammer. This house boasts 6 bathrooms, we only get to feast our eyes on one of them, but it is a
beauty, so no complaints here!
From what looks to be soft pink walls, to those spectacular ornate floor tiles, pink velvet chairs, gold chandelier and gold wall sconces to that huge glass shower and fun leopard print towel, this is one girly, fun sophisticated bathroom boudoir. Don`t you just love the mirrored makeup table? Everything is so romantic pretty in this bathroom.
Interesting tid bit:

You might be recognizing the name A.Hammer, if not, you soon will.
The late oil tycoon's great grandson is Armie Hammer.

He played the twins in The Social Network, acted opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in J.Edgar and will soon be seen in Mirror Mirror. He plays the Prince starring alongside Julia Roberts (who plays the Evil Queen). Can`t wait to see this movie!

If you loved the style of this bathroom, you'll love the rest of the mansion. We can't all afford to drop $13,750,000 to own it, but we can still pin it to our pinterest boards and dream! You can see the rest of this gorgeous mansion on my pinterest board labelled Oil Tycoon Mansion here.

images via: realtor, yahoo, imdb


Amy Shaughnessy said...

Oh I recognized him immediately! Not a bad looking guy. When I saw the Social Network, I thought there was no way there could be TWO of him.



mikky said...

Hi Amy,

Your comment cracked me up! 2 of him would be wild, it would be good for all the single girls though cause he's married! Thanks for commenting.