Match the celebrity to their bathroom

For a change of pace, I thought I`d throw in a game.

Do you think you can match up these celebrities to
their bathrooms?

So which is:

Brooke Shield`s bathroom
Diane von Furstenberg`s bathroom
Adam Levine`s bathroom
Anderson Cooper`s bathroom

Click the ``Click to see more`` to see if you`ve matched them up correctly...

Alrighty, time to get out my big red marking pen....

Here`s your answers:

Diane von Furstenberg & her eclectic bathroom:

Brooke Shields and her elegant bathroom

Adam Levine and his minimalistic vintage bathroom
(check out those marble walls, mucho $$$$$)


 Anderson Cooper`s minimalistic bathroom
(funny how both gentlemen have black claw-foot tubs)


So how many did you guess right?

Brooke Shield's bathroom resources:
custom-designed vanity by MADE (tried to find the website, but what a bad choice in company names! When you do a search for MADE you get made in china, made in europe etc...I spent awhile looking, I'm not sure if I found the right company, here's one I found:, this may or may not be the company that made Brooke Shield's vanity. Boy, if I ever find out if this is the right company or which ever is the right one I'm going to write to them to tell them how much business they must be losing cause they are impossible to find and how to fix it!)
Walker Zanger tiled floor

Dianne von Furstenberg resources:
The bath area features a freestanding teak tub with classic-style fittings, all by the Water Monopoly

Adam Levine resources:
antique claw-foot tub from Architectural Detail
table by Paul McCobb

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