Jonathan Adler bathroom design based on a movie

With all the buzz over Jonathan Adler's toilet paper covers, (haven't heard about them? Read this post) I though it would be fun to take a look at a bathroom he designed. It's called the “Barococo Futurism” bathroom and he created it for the
Kohler Design Center awhile back.

Jonathan Adler's inspiration for this bathroom comes from the set design in the
movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick.

These scenes are probably where his inspiration came from as you'll soon see:

Now that you've seen the movie stills, here's the bathroom Jonathan Adler designed:

Isn't it amazing when you compare the two?!

You can really see the influence the movie had on Jonathan's design. From the identical lite floor (but Jonathan's seams are a bit thinner), to the wall paneling and wall nooks (I think his white painted wall nooks look more modern then the green painted ones in the movie), the moss green velvet drapes in the bathroom match the color of the headboard in the movie. And that ostrich feathers topped bust is it a nod to the statues or
to the actor in the scenes, who knows.

I vaguely remember watching that movie for a film class. I think I found it very confusing and a bit scary. Looking at the shots from the movie I remember hiding behind my boyfriend's shoulder at some point!

Did you watch it?

If you want to read more about the movie click on the links in the "images via:" section bellow.
Apparently, critics are comparing The Tree of Life movie to A Space Odyssey. For the reason why, check out what this blogger wrote about the two movies: here 

For those of you who are interested in the exact pieces Jonathan used to create this bathroom, I've put together a list of links for the items:

Kohler items:
the Reve Suite
square toilet
sink on the gold pedestal (the vessle sink is sold as a seperate piece, Gwyneth Paltrow has that same vessel sink btw)
modern white pedestal sink
gold sink faucets: Purist single-control lavatory faucet in brushed gold K-14402-4A
rain shower - I think it's this one: 12" Contemporary round rainhead with Katalyst spray technology in brushed gold
body sprayers - looks like it was this one, but I can't find the brushed gold color: Bancroft 2.0 gpm single function showerhead with Katalyst spray K-14519
the tub, where I found the photos it says the tub is this one (but I'm not sure if that's right, so double check if you are going to buy it please): Underscore 6' acrylic bath- K-1137
Toilet paper holder think it might be this one: Margaux® vertical toilet tissue holder- K-16255
Bathtub faucet: Laminar deck-mount bath filler- K-8360
That's pretty much everything. (Ok, I didn't include the tub drain or tub faucet handles, looked a bit but didn't see them. Also couldn't find the glass shower and gold vanity but those are probably custom made)

Jonathan Adler items:
Gold chandelier : Meurice Chandelier
Gold wall sconces: Meurice 5-Arm Wall Sconce
White mirror next to shower: Queen Anne Mirror
Gold bamboo mirror over gold vanity: Meurice
White and lime green bolster pillow on chair: Positano Bolster Pillow
Head vase: Giant Dora Maar vase
Gold banana vase: Gold Banana bud vase
White square tables: White Lacquer Cubes
Couldn't find:
- the white chair, however there is a similar chair in white and navy: navy regent arm chair (since Jonathan has a custom upholstered furniture section, this chair isn't listed there but, I'm sure you could twist his ceramic peace arm to do it for you)
- the white wall sconces
- the glass bath salt cannisters
- the clear plastic pedestal
- the gold statue & gold objects (couldn't see them well enough to know what they are)

images via: kohler, psychedelic adventure, the zurich english student, mubi, senses of cinema, richard webner's blog


Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

That's a wild space! Not my style at all, but I respect the design.

mikky said...

Hi Anne-Marie,

Thanks for leaving a comment, I was curious to see what other people think of this bathroom.

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