Jean Dujardin in the bathroom

Tried to find some photos of Mr.Suave eyebrows in the tub.

I was sure there would be a photo of him lounging in a tub filled with bubbles, dangling a cigarette from his fingers, looking all charming and debonnaire. No luck. Search and searched, these bathroom photos were all I came up with:

Not the sexiest photos in the world.

This is how he might have looked Oscar night if he hadn`t won:

Alors, Monsieur Jean Dujardin, now that you have won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, Bafta and Cannes awards, it's time you took a bubbly sexy suave bathtub photo so I can post it here.

Some interesting tidbits about Jean Dujardin:

He is the first French actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor

His character, Valentin, in The Artist is based on Douglas Fairbanks

Jean Dujardin is Frances highest-paid male performer (isn`t that Johnny Depp heeheee)

He has been described as France's answer to George Clooney:

He used to be a locksmith .....

Now that gives me an idea for a movie starring Jean Dujardin and George Clooney (or should George get first billing?)

..... hmmm I see a con artist movie in Jean's future where his arch nemesis is George Clooney who at the end will turn out to be his twin brother whom he was seperated at birth from, who he didn't know existed because his mother had had an affair and the baby george looked too much like the father who happened to be her husband's best friend. How did the father not know his wife had had twins you ask? Because he was "away on business" (was actually away with his girlfriend (who is also pregnant...(this is for the sequel (which will be much better than the Ocean`s Eleven sequels by the way!)) when the babies were born and the best friend, who is loaded, took baby george to the states to be raised (thus explaining the difference in accents. We will need to kill off the parents though, or kill off one and have the other have amnesia or live on a remote island - that could be the rich Dad, think that would be more fun, a James Bond like island)(originally I was going to make them both spies but I think they look too likeable, and conartists that seduce women would be more fun, luxurious, charming and right up their alleys I think. Now if only I could make this movie)....

I think we are also going to see alot more of his costar, Berenice Bejo. I haven`t seen The Artist yet, but I saw them together in OSS 117, Cairo, Nest of Spies and you knew they both had something special. If you haven`t seen that movie - it has some great and some not so great scenes, watch the scene where Jean is playing the sitar (I think that`s what it`s called) and you will see the explosion of charm that is Jean Dujardin.

Sorry for all the run on sentences in the tidbits section!

images via:hollywood reporter, tout le cine, jezebel 
super interesting tidbits via: wikipedia, us magazine,timeout london

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