I've stolen an idea from a blogger and I don't feel bad.

I was over checking out the latest post at maison21 and I saw an idea of his that I just had to steal. I am blatantly copying him and I want as many people as possible to know what a copycat I am AND I want you to do something about it!

I want you to copy him too.


Here is the face of the man I want you to steal from:

Looks like a sweetie right? Who cares! Let's steal from him people!
(btw, we've never met, he doesn't even know I exist. Actually, I've visited his blog a few times
in the past and am sorry to say that as amazing as it is, it got lost when my long list of blogs to read got deleted from my computer crashing, only to be rediscovered today cause I clicked on a comment he wrote elsewhere.)

I want you to look him dead in the eyes and say "I am copying you Christian, I am taking your idea and I am making it mine. Nothing is going to stop me and nice jkt btw. velvet? I laugh in the face of the disclaimer on your site Christian. I DO NOT CARE!  I am stealing from you right now. TODAY."

btw, here is his disclaimer:



Oh yeah, the red, ALL CAPS font is his. He means business. But we don't care!

Ok, before you think I'm an evil evil person (I'm only a splash evil and that's just for kicks) and before I hype it up too much here's what I want you to copy:

The Animal Rescue Site

Christian's got this button on his site and now I've got it too (bottom right hand corner, last thing sweet gorgeous intelligent readers see, hopefully will get them to act.).


If you want to get a button of The Animal Rescue site  (there are a bunch of different styles and shapes) to support the 100% FREE click to give food to animals please go here

If you want to get their daily email that you click on to give food to animals please go here

If you want to read up on them, check out their faqs page here

If you don't want to do any of these, it's ok, but can you please just pop by the site and click on the big purple button once today? It wIll take 2 seconds, click the big purple button that appears and wham bam thank you mam you're done and you can pat yourself on the back for feeding a starving big puppy eyed, man's best friend, can't open the fridge by himself unless he's in a beer commercial, loves you even when you have a huge pimple that looks like an about to explode volcano smack in the middle of your forehead, dog (or cat). Remember dog spelt backwards is god, and cat spelt backwards is tac, you take your chances of a god putting a tac under your foot...Here's that link again.

Ok, you might be asking, is this girl trying to scam me? Is there something in it for her? Trying to get me to buy something? The answer to all of those questions is a 100% No. I just love animals and if there is a teeny tiny thing that we can be doing to help them out, I think we should. Especially when it is so easy. But there must be a catch you are still thinking.... Not from me there isn't. Like I do, you will probably get 2 emails from this site, one for the click for food (it is clearly described in the email subject line) and another one with the site's deal of the day (it also clearly says it so you don't even have to open it if you don't want to. Most of the time I don't.) I have never bought anything from this site, I'm sure they would be disappointed to hear that, but there you go. They are a for-profit company (hence the stuff for sale) but from what I've read on their site (and you can too here) they are affiliated with non-for-profits and 100% of the food going to animals. 

One last thing....look deep into this puppy's eyes if you are not going to go click and say to him: "I'd rather look at 10 more lipstick collages, pin recipes on my Pinterest board that I will probably never make and exercise routines that even I know I won't do, but I just don't feel like taking the 2 seconds it takes to get you something to eat. Hope you don't starve to death cutie, I've got pinning to do. Hey I'll pin your photo to my board."

See i told you i was a bit evil. here's that link one last time. Can't blame a
girl for trying now can ya?

I don't mean to sound pushy but like with recycling every little bit counts and animals deserve all the help we can give them. Thanks for listening to my rant if you are still reading this!

And thanks to Christian @ maison21 for the great idea, I saw the button on his site and hit myself for not thinking of it myself and figure maybe there are some other people out there who want a hit on the head too. Christian, hope you don't mind the silliness of my post (if you ever read this) (That is a nice jacket though and your yellow sweater you are wearing in your blog photo is also very nice. cashmere?) 

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