Insanely beautiful Tuscan style bathroom

Maybe I'm wrong about this bathroom. What would you say its style is?
I am torn, first I thought it would be classified as Tuscan style, but then I think maybe it is Parisian? Any idea what style this bathroom would fall under? Besides insanely beautiful bathrooms of course!

I just can't get over those beautiful legs on that tub, (calling them feet, would not do them justice) they make me think of one of the characters from the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, how I loved that book when I was little, but not as much as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now that was a delicious book!

I bet the chair next to the shower is where the harpist sits serenading the owner
of this bathroom while they are taking their bath.

Is this not the picture perfect bathroom? Even the towel shelf is drop dead gorgeous.

image via: Veranda


Aurelia said...

This bathroom is fantastic, great place!:) it's my dream, Kisses! xoxo

mikky said...

Hi Aurelia,

Nice to see you again. It`s one of my dream bathrooms too! I have too many dream bathrooms I think hehee...