In celebration of Easter: Pets after Easter

This little chihuahua will be taking a spa day after the busy Easter holiday. She'll
have washed and hung up her pretty Easter outfit to dry and stored
away her Easter bonnet that made all the other little puppies jealous. Nobody
out dresses her!

This is what the Easter Bunny will be doing after Easter:

He'll be taking a nice long bubble bath to sooth his tired legs from all that hopping around delivering all those Easter baskets.

Like last year, he will sit there asking himself whether or not he should splurge and buy a computer to just send virtual Easter chocolates or maybe an ipad, it
would be a lot easier to use with his big fluffy paws.

Hercule Piggles will still be swimming the doggy paddle to escape being made into a delicious honey glazed ham, even though he does enjoy a slice of pineapple now and again. He hopes his little legs can keep up the pace.

What is that he sees...

Could he be saved?

Hercule asks himself, "Am I really that good a swimmer and
have I swam all the way to Lake Como?

His Mom and sisters are going to be SO jealous, but then again he doesn't want to
think about that because they are probably having maraschino cherries put in their belly buttons & being served up with parsnips right now. Oh the horror.

Or is what he's seeing a mirage?


"Save me George Clooney!" cries Hercule Piggles.

That last photo is for the chickies. Happy Easter ladies.

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