Grey bathrooms are they a good idea?

So what does the colour grey symbolize?

Since grey is made up of black and white it is seen as a neutral, balanced colour.

The positive traits associated with gray are that it is a calm and quiet colour. The colour
gray symbolizes intelligence, reliability and maturity.

The negative traits are that it is viewed as boring, conservative and not very
energetic as well as being seen as representing decay and sadness. 

It is said that too much of the colour grey can be physically draining.

So what are we to do?

 Chuck the idea of decorating with grey?

No! I have to admit that in the rest of my home, I am not a big fan of
decorating with grey, I like to use colours that make me feel happy
and energized. However, I think the use of grey in fashion and design has
changed considerably over the last few years. Interior and fashion designers
have revived grey to make it look chic and even refreshing. Every once and 
awhile I'll spot a great gray space and start to think maybe I will
do a grey room one day.

Yes, using grey in the wrong bathroom can look sterile and uninviting, but
done right, you can have a timeless and chic bathroom. I think it can be
a safer bet for a timeless bathroom then say doing a blue or green
bathroom or any colour besides beige for that matter.

I think if you are going to go with grey, you should have
great lighting, a window, where you can get some natural
light in and where you can see a bit of the outside to put a little life in
your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn't have windows or just has those skinny
windows near the ceiling - unless you are going for an industrial
look, take a good long look at your bathroom to decide if grey is the
right color to use. I would also add large mirrors to play off the light and some
splashes of colour and texture and interesting accessories (including
natural elements such as wood and fresh flowers, like in the next photo) will all help to
eliminate the boringness and drabness associated with the colour.

Check out these next two photos, see how the wood grain warms up the
look of the bathroom in the first photo and how the marble shower in the 
following photo does the same thing? (The first photo still needs a
hint of colour for me thought!)

Notice how the different shades of white subway tiles in this
shower also adds warmth and interest to the bathroom? Aren't they great!

Ok, I'm not crazy about this mirror over the tub, I would have gone with an
intricate Venetian style mirror, this is too cold & industrial for me here (even
though it is visually interesting against the sleek marble). However,
I do love this chic grey and white striped marble bath area.

Here's a simple, small grey bathroom. I like how they used the same brick tile
pattern on the back shower wall and tub base as the bathroom walls
but in a teeny tiny version. Note how one shower wall is covered in
large tiles and the the other is covered in the small tiles, this is a great
look to steal for your bathroom renovation.

My favorite grey bathrooms are those done in grey and white marble because you get the visual interest and warmth of the marble and the neutral grey base to create a bathroom that is timeless and which you can easily accent with whatever colour is
in style that season.

Here's what I also like about grey bathrooms:

They are softer than black

Grey floor tiles hide falling hairs nicely (your guy won't be sad and whining about losing his hair every morning when he steps out of the shower and combs his hair!)

Gray goes great with pretty much all colours. Punch it up with tangerine tango (pantone colour of the year), girlify it with soft shades of pink, go prep school with rich hues of navy blue, get manly masculine with darker grey accents. The colour choices are endless. You can change up the look and feel of your bathroom by just switching up your towels. And oh the choice in towel colours you have: from fushia to grape purple, apple to lime green, sunshine to mustard yellow, fire engine to tomato paste red, the colour combos with grey are endless. And there's always the classic fluffy white towel that looks so
good against grey.

If you choose a grey tile with a bit of a textured pattern to it, it can look clean even if you
haven't cleaned your bathroom in oh 2 weeks or so...that's what I hear anyways....

 At the end of the day though, it really comes down to how you accessorize a room and what accent colours you use that determines if it will look cold and
depressing or awake and lively.

So are you for or against grey bathrooms?

And how do you spell gray? grey or gray?
I am always switching. Do you always spell it the same way?

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I am going to try to do a colour themed bathroom post each month, so please stay tuned!

images via: marie claire maison, apartment therapy, pg, desire to inspire, chelsea atelier, decor pad, attic mag, rue, zigersnead, amy d morris, unknown


Stephanie said...

Thank you so much!! This is very helpful to me!! I am very attracted to grey / gray and now I know why (bathrooms that is)! I also notice that gray wall color next to rich warm wood furniture really highlights the wood and makes it look amazing. I really appreciate all the pictures as I am trying to decide on tile designs. Happy Decorating!

mikky said...

Hi Stephanie,

And thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I am so happy to see that these posts are useful. That was my goal, so your comment really made me smile, especially to read how detailed your looking at the photos was! If you are looking for any other specific bathroom detail, style, colour, etc... let me know and I can find some photos for you. Here`s my email address:


amanda said...

I love gray. (and I spell it "gray" but am always curious about it's two spellings.)
I prefer light, airy gray.
Surprisingly, my bathroom is a muted peacock teal, though. The most boldly colored room in our house!
I sometimes imagine it painted gray though.

mikky said...

Hi Amanda,

Hmmm peacock teal sounds fantastic! I've been seeing alot of rooms with walls painted teal lately, it really looks sharp. Don't switch to gray, keep your fun walls!

Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Thank you, I have just done my bathroom in grey and its lovely, I came across this site when looking to see how others have used the colour scheme grey, after reading your comments I am now convinced it was a great idea, your right about using different coloured towels ect, the possibilities are endless.

mikky said...

Hi Kate,

So glad to hear that you are now convinced! I am sure that your bathroom looks spectacular. I just bought a pink and also a turquoise hand towel for my white and grey bathroom and both give a nice jolt of color.

Have a great day and thanks for commenting.