DIY kids bathroom towel rack

Saw this cute animal coat rack on Martha Stewart and thought
it would work so well in a little kid's bathroom too.

This rack would be great to hang kids robes and towels on. It's a fantastic way to
get the little kiddies to be environmentally friendly by hanging their towels and reusing them
the next day. Plus it will help you save on your washing bill.  Explain to them that hanging
 their towels on the animals tails and reusing them the next day is a little way they
can help protect these animals. Once they know that, I'm sure your little kids won't be
dropping their
towels on the floor any longer. They will probably have
you put an animal rack in your bathroom too!

 You can even write their names under the animal hooks so there
are no arguments over who's towel is who's.

The only change I would make to the design is I might paint the background green so it
looks like the animals are standing in the jungle. If you are a good painter
you can
try your hand at painting tall grass, palm trees and a blue sky.

For step by step instructions & a video on how to make these animal hooks, click here - Oh,
if you do make one please send me photos and I'll post them!
(send them to me at:

***btw, if you have old towels, don't throw them away, call up your local animal shelter to
 see if they can use them as bedding for the animals in their care.

image via: martha stewart

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