The cutest guy EVER taking a shower in the nude

Ok, normally I post a bunch of pet pics like here, here, here & here (there's a
bunch more but it's time to get on with this post!) but
I just could not do it this time.

This guy is a star,
not that the other guys aren't, you know how I love animals, but
this guy needs a post all to himself because I just look at him looking so
relaxed, I imagine how warm and delicious that water must feel and looking at
him makes me instantly relaxed too, I love you mr.littlefurryguy whoever you are.

(I think that was the longest run on sentence I have done in awhile.)

If you missed my special Easter pets post you can check it out here.

Also, don't be shy, if you have some cute photos of your pets or
kiddies, email them to me and I'll include them in my next pets and
tots in tubs post (I do one a week).

You can email them to me at:
I can't wait to see your little cuties! (please don't send me naked photos to get
me back for the naughty post title. Read the ps. I'm going to make it up to you!)

ps. to all those who clicked on the post cause it said "nude guy", don't worry you kinky little things, I have a celebs in tubs post next week that will feature a hot A list actor taking a shower all nakedy just for you my little pervies. I mean that it the sweetest way possible! UPDATE: here's the post I promised you, click here.

image via: petite-madame

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