Country chic bathroom

This looks like the style of bathroom you`d find in a person who loves
the country but lives in the city`s house.

Look how they used little mosaic tiles infront of the vanity to give the look of a
bathroom rug. Great idea. I love the idea of tiled `rugs`, here`s another `tiled rug` look
I like: this one.

This bathroom is very clean and fresh. Makes me want to jump in that tub with a guitar and belt out some Dolly Parton or Taylor Swift tunes. Afterwards I`d go eat some ribs followed by sweet apple pie (a la mode since we are in the city) yeehaw! Only problem is I don`t know how to play the guitar and the owners of this washroom would probably have me arrested for disturbing the peace because of my extremely bad singing.
images via: shon parker design ltd

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