Coco chic Trump tower ensuite master bathroom

Isn`t this bathroom chic? It`s located on one of the top floors of  the
Trump World Tower Condominium.  

I love the Chanel perfume bottle art on the mirrored wall. It`s a great idea to mirror the
wall, it makes the bathroom feel even more spacious and makes me think of perfume departments in high end shops. The art deco wall sconces and that nice long
shower bench are great features too.

I think I have seen this master ensuite bathroom before, but I can`t remember where. I think it belongs to a blonde model and her businessman husband. If I remember correctly, in the article they said that they would live in this home until they were ready to have kids. Well, I guess the time has come because the condo is up for sale. Does anyone else recognize this place? Or am I mixing them up with someone else?

If you want to see more pictures of this high end, luxurious condo (I am starting to sound like Donald Trump)  check out the photos here. They have a nice collection of Andy Warhol artwork. The condo is priced at $12,950,000 (btw, it dropped by 7.5%) and the listing ID is 1357116. So if you fall in love with it and decide to buy it, please send me photos of the other bathroom and a  teeny tiny commission cheque so I can go out and
buy a sweet little mercedes benz!

Here`s an interesting fact about the Chanel art: Andy Warhol created it in the 1980`s for Chanel to be used as advertisements, but due to his untimely death, Chanel waited
till 1997 to actually use them in the streets of Paris.

bathroom products info:
fixtures are by: Lefroy Brooks
I think the sink faucets might be this one: Lever 3-hole basin mixer with P.U.W. Without "LB" logo

image via: elliman
interesting tidbit found here: andy blog

a little question: has anyone had this problem - you write a post, save it, open it in your iphone to publish it, then the body copy and pictures don`t appear, just the header, you set it back to draft and then when you go to open it on your computer the post is completely empty?! This happened to me with this post, I had to rewrite it and go and find the links again. Aackkkkkk!!! Serenity now! It`s the second time this has happened to me and I`m wondering if there is anything I can do about it? If it`s happened to you too please let me know.


jen said...

i just made a few pieces of art for one of my girlfriends and one of them is a chanel no. 19 bottle perfume (she loves that particular one). so glad you posted about it, so pretty!!


mikky said...

Cool Jen! What a sweet girlfriend you are to make art for your friend, bet it`s fabulous!