Children's bathroom storage and organization diy

I saw these and thought they would be great to use in kids bathrooms.
Can't you just picture them filled with cotton balls, hair elastics and qtips?

All you need to make these cute containers are some empty relish, apple sauce or
pickle jars (I like the idea of using a collection of different height and shaped jars),
paint, glue and a few plastic animals that you can easily pick up at any dollarstore.

If your child loves sparkle, you can also coat the lid or both the lid and the figurine in
sparkles. However, the animals will lose some detail when covering them in
glitter, but it would be nice to do with solid shapes such as hearts or balls.

If you have kids who fight about who's stuff is who's, a great idea would be to
pick up some wooden initials, also from the dollar store or craft shop, glue them upright or flat on the top of the jar or to the side of the jar and decorate in their favorite colours. This way there is no questioning who's stuff is who's. They`d each have their own monogrammed jar. World peace has been found in your bathroom for
less than a few bucks!

Such an inexpensive, fast, and cute way to add some fun to kid and teens bathrooms!

image via: house to home

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