Celebrity homes bathroom game: Talk show hosts edition

Since I had such a fun time putting this game together last time, I've
decided to turn it into a weekly series.  

Every week we`ll be sneaking into celebrities homes or former homes, and try
to guess which star gets ready in which bathroom. Now all I have to
do is come up with a good name for this little celebrity guessing game of ours.
As you can see from my post title, I haven`t come up with a good name yet!

Ok, on with the fun.

So which is...

Rosie O`Donnell`s bathroom?
Star Jones' bathroom?
Tony Danza`s bathroom?
Sharron Osbourne`s bathroom?

Ok, here`s the powder room of one of these stars, I`ve put
the photo of their master bathroom after the jump because there is
something in it that will give away who they are...

Pencils down! Ready to find out if you passed? Click the Click to see more.

Here are the answers:

Rosie O`Donnell`s bathroom

This is the bathroom from the house
she bought in Chicago. Rosie`s selling it and has moved into the
condo that Oprah provided for her as part of her new job. At the bottom of the
post I`ve put the link so you can check out more photos of Rosie`s house. Btw,
doesn`t she look great in this photo? Eat your heart out Tom Cruise.


 Star Jones' bathroom
Notice the star wallpaper in Star`s powder room.

And here is her master bathroom:

I hope that she did some disco dancing in that shower of hers. I
know I would have! This solid gold shower should be wired with the
soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever playing on repeat! I wonder how
many times she walked in on her cleaning lady shaking it
in the shower while scrubbing those gold tiles.
I can just picture John Travolta, Madonna, Michael Jackson and
Nigel Lythgoe in a conga line disco dancing out of that shower
(all wearing gold headbands of course!)

So do you spot why I couldn`t post this picture earlier?
(sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy)

Tony Danza`s bathroom
I bet most people got Tony`s place wrong? Am I right??

Sharron Osbourne`s bathroom

This bathroom is from Sharron`s Malibu beach house:

Want to see more photos of
Star Jone`s former house, click here
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne`s $10 million Malibu beach house, click here
Rosie O`Donnell`s Chicago house she flipped to move into a condo, click here
Tony Danza`s  $9.1 million Malibu beach house, click here

Before you go check out the rest of their pads, please leave me a
comment to let me know how many you got right.

images via: talk movie world, post on politics, realtor, zimbio, xfinity, tv guide, ontd

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