Celebrity homes bathroom game: Hot tattooed male singers edition

Every week we`ll be sneaking into celebrities homes or former homes, and try

to guess which star gets ready in which bathroom. Now all I have to

do is come up with a good name for this little celebrity guessing game of ours.

As you can see from my post title, I still haven`t come up with a good name yet!

Ok, time to match up which bathroom gets serenaded to by which singer.

So which is...

Ricky Martin`s bathroom?

Lenny Kravitz`s bathroom?

Wiz Khalifa `s bathroom?

John Mayer`s bathroom?

Alright, please take a minute to look at the bathrooms ;) then
Click the ``Click to see more`` to find out who`s is who`s.

Here are the answers:

Ricky Martin`s bathroom

Ricky`s been Livin' La Vida Loca

 in this bathroom:

Wiz Khalifa `s bathroom

Did Wiz rehearse his track Get Your S--t in this bathroom? Ok, that joke of
mine was a bit crude.

Look at Wiz`s sweet sliding bathroom door: 


Or maybe in his powderoom?
(I'm assuming this is a washroom, I
could be wrong it could be a supply closet?)

I`m not going to make any wiz jokes or comment on the fact
that he has P dangling from his neck, cause I`m a lady.

John Mayer`s bathroom

Ok, I didn`t like John Mayer`s racist sex comment awhile back, no excuse for that, none, have always liked his music, but then hearing him make a comment like that turned me off him, have even seen the guy in concert and he was AMAZING, AMAZING & AMAZING. Later on I`d read that he was just trying to be funny, when will people just strike out stupid comments like that right out of their vocabulary. I always thought John was a smart, creative, talented guy, goes to show that you can still be a complete idiot sometimes. Ok, this is not a preaching blog, it`s a blog about bathrooms, silly but I just felt I should say where I stand since I`m writting about him.

Aside from that the guy has a great design aesthetic, a way of weaving words into wonderful lyrics and is amazing on the guitar. I don`t think these washrooms reflect what I imagine his taste to be. I bet he has incredible modern bathrooms in his new home(s). I read once that when he hit it big the record company put him up in an apartment that had a tv built into the mirror in his bathroom, he said at the time he thought it was too much. I think I wouldn`t mind a tv in the washroom. This guy is mr.tech so I wouldn`t be surprised if he changed his mind. John send me some great pics of your new bathroom &
I hope your throat is doing ok.

Now the question is, would you let your Daughters use John Mayer's powder room?
As you can see his bathrooms are not the WOW rich musician bathrooms you'd
expect. Just so you know, he did buy this house in the Pacific Palisades in
2006 and listed it in 2010.

Could Vultures have taken away John's sexy singer bathroom and replaced it
with this not so sexy blue one because he wouldn't tell them "Your body is a Wonderland?" I bet that's it.

Lenny Kravitz`s bathroom

I imagine many an American Woman have used this bathroom to freshen up, and Lenny lounging on the couch all seductive would say I`ll be waiting. Later on in the evening you might find the roles reversed, the girl would Stand outside the bathroom door pounding
on it to use the bathroom, asking him to hurry up and Lenny would yell back
It ain`t over `til its over. She`d say ``what are you doing in there?, he'd say "Boongie Drop" She'd say, "I want to go home" He'd say "Fly away". And so would end
the night of a rockstar.

Btw, Lenny's place is still up for sale. Here's the info:

New Orleans, LA 70116
MLS# 893220

It's priced at $675,000 (dropped in price, has been on the market for around 155 days), check out the rest of the pics here.

I can`t even begin to imagine what kinda stuff has gone on in these bathrooms...

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So who's bathroom did you like the best?

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