Catherine Zeta Jones smokin` in the bathroom

"For marriage to be a success, every woman and
every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end."
- Catherine Zeta Jones

and her reason for this:

 “Separate bathrooms are always a really great idea. Mine is so messy;
I’d absolutely hate for my husband to realize just how incredibly untidy I can be.”

And here`s a cute bathroom story from when Michael Douglas and Catherine were dating:

When Catherine told Michael that she had won a British tap
dancing contest when she was 12 he asked her to prove it, she didn`t want to
scratch up his newly refinished wood floors so she went into his bathroom and
did a tap dance for him in there. So cute and so considerate!

Some fun facts about Catherine Zeta Jones

-  her working-class parents, Pat and David, won £100,000 during a night at
the bingo, allowing them to enrol Catherine in dance and ballet classes

- Her Dad  owned a Welsh sweet factory (one article said he
was a manager at a sweet factory, but the rest say he owned one. I
searched for info on the sweet factory, but no luck! I would have thought
the press would have asked her what it was like to grow up with your own
sweet factory, I know I would have!)

-  Her first professional role was the lead in Annie (one of
Sarah Jessica Parker`s first roles was also to play Annie)

- Catherine has the same birthday (September 25th) as her
husband, Michael Douglas and their difference in ages is 25 years (1969&1944)

- Some articles say she was introduced to Michael by Danny DeVito, others
say they were introduced by Antonio Banderas

- Her wedding band is made out of Welsh gold (so is Kate Middleton`s and
many of the British Royal family wore Welsh gold wedding bands. Welsh gold is
highly prized for its origin and scarcity)

- After the movie Zorro came out people kept on speaking to Catherine in
Spanish. She`s Welsh. She says that the movie instantly gave her a new ethnicity.


- Apparently, Catherine loves karaoke and keeps a karaoke machine in
her trailer while on movie sets...which was probably useful for her
next roll I talk about a bit later.

Catherine`s smart cookie moments:

- At the beginning of Catherine`s career, after auditioning for a role, having figured out what the casting director was looking for, Catherine would change into a different outfit and audition again that same day and she would usually end up getting the part. We can all learn something from that move!

-  Catherine got a $20 million endorsement deal with cell phone carrier T-Mobile. At the time some people were shocked that she would take an endoresement deal. Here`s the great thing she said: "It was a deal that you could not – and should not – refuse. Everyone asked, 'Why is she doing this?' I'm also a businesswoman. Catherine Zeta-Jones is
a brand name". Smart cookie.

I can`t wait to see Catherine as Patricia Whitmore in the movie Rock of Ages:

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Hiya! Glad you decided to keep reading my post! Are you a movie
fanatic too?

I started to read about Rock of Ages and had to write a bit about it!
Not exactly bathroom stuff, but maybe it falls under bathroom reading

Rock of Ages has an all star cast including: (ok, you can see them listed there
on the poster, but I just got into my silly writting groove)

Tom Cruise (who's been practicing singing for 5 hours a day! Wonder which
Rock musicians Tom hung out with and molded his Rockstar performance after. I
wouldn`t be surprised if he got some performing pointers from Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas. They did a song for his movie Knight and Day. I bet he`s going to get a video game deal out of this movie. Surprisingly, he only got $5 million for the part and it doesn't look like any back end, that can't be right. check out his salaries per movie here, some will surprise you), Paul Giamatti (what a great career this guy has! He gets to drink wine and go to Rock Concerts for his job, most people have to wait till the weekend to do that), Mary J.Blige (love, love her music and that Hermes belt she wore to P.Diddy`s white party a few years back), Alec Baldwin (you are going to freak when you see how he and Tom Cruise look, the link to the trailer is bellow), Russell Brand (I think Russell Brand and Bill Nighy were made for Rock & Roll movies, these guys should come out with their own line of tight, sexy leather pants), Malin Akerman (am I the only person that thinks of Marlin fish when you hear her name?), Diego Boneta (I had never heard of this guy before, but I`m sure those days are going to be long gone for him.) and Julianne Hough (bet she`s never returning to Dancing with the Stars now. It`s too bad cause she was fantastic on it. Here's a fun performance of hers)

 It looks like Catherine has a great role. Bet it was fun to play.

And here's a shot of Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx, the lead singer of
Arsenal, such a funny scene. Katie should take a photo of Suri wearing that
headband and those glasses doing a rock&roll sign, would be so cute.

Check out the official movie trailer here. It looks like it`s going to
be amazing. It`s coming out June 15th.

Ok, I got a bit, well, VERY side tracked there! Get me talking about movies and I can`t stop.

image & interesting tidbigs via: the independent, wikipedia, people, wikipedia, youtube

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