5 pretty pedestal soaker tub bathrooms

Soaker tubs make me think of Victorian times, thick wooden banisters and
regal homes where the butler was summoned by pulling on a velvet rope. There is just something so refined about them, I guess it is because of the pedestal.

I love the soothing grey marble tiles in this first bathroom. Notice how the two walls are different sized brick tiles. Using two different sized tiles creates more warmth and texture. If all the walls were done in the same tile this would be a colder, more sterile looking bathroom. You`d probably feel like you were bathing in a mausoleum if all the walls were done in the big brick pattern. Not the best look for a relaxing bathroom, you`d be way too relaxed then or you`d be having a sexy rendez-vous with a vampire!

I love that they tiled the ceiling, it really shows off the beautiful arch. Most of all I love the fluffy white & black bath mat, it looks so cozy for the toesies and who can resist that great bath stool. Funny story, I had seen that exact stool on sale at a huge, HUGE discount, was going to buy it, but then we were moving and had so many boxes and I wasn`t sure if I really NEEDED it or if it was really the style I wanted, so I kept picking it up and putting it down all over the shop, the price was just so insanely cheap I couldn`t resist, till finally I put it down for good telling myself not to be swayed so much by the price. So now every time I see a photo of this stool looking gorgeous I say to myself nuts I should have bought that stool!

Here`s 4 other bathrooms with pedestal soaker tubs that I think you will like:

The pedestal bathtub pairs nicely with honeycomb hexagon shaped floor tiles:

Not bad with rich, dark wood flooring either:

I have to go thru my files to see if I have a photo of a bathroom featuring a
pedestal tub and a pedestal sink, got to get those two pedestals together!


Michelle said...

OMG! Seeing this fantastic bathroom could make me excited. I would definitely love to have this kind of bathroom at home. Seems like I'm in heaven!. :D

mikky said...

Hi Michelle,

Hope you get a bathroom like this one day!