Bathing in paradise, which tub would you choose?

Now imagine spending your days jetting across perfect blue waters...

stopping for dips in this pool

or maybe in this one

hanging out with a friendly parrot

dining here every night

sitting in this gorgeous chair watching the sun go to bed

but, you have to choose, which of these 3 washrooms would you want?

This fresh and clean looking all white bathroom?

Or this all wood bathroom that makes me think of a Ralph Lauren ad?

Or this white and wood one with these great his and her black sinks

Which tropical paradise bathroom would you choose?

I would take the all white one.
images via: lt2

The cutest guy EVER taking a shower in the nude

Ok, normally I post a bunch of pet pics like here, here, here & here (there's a
bunch more but it's time to get on with this post!) but
I just could not do it this time.

This guy is a star,
not that the other guys aren't, you know how I love animals, but
this guy needs a post all to himself because I just look at him looking so
relaxed, I imagine how warm and delicious that water must feel and looking at
him makes me instantly relaxed too, I love you mr.littlefurryguy whoever you are.

(I think that was the longest run on sentence I have done in awhile.)

If you missed my special Easter pets post you can check it out here.

Also, don't be shy, if you have some cute photos of your pets or
kiddies, email them to me and I'll include them in my next pets and
tots in tubs post (I do one a week).

You can email them to me at:
I can't wait to see your little cuties! (please don't send me naked photos to get
me back for the naughty post title. Read the ps. I'm going to make it up to you!)

ps. to all those who clicked on the post cause it said "nude guy", don't worry you kinky little things, I have a celebs in tubs post next week that will feature a hot A list actor taking a shower all nakedy just for you my little pervies. I mean that it the sweetest way possible! UPDATE: here's the post I promised you, click here.

image via: petite-madame

Celebrity homes bathroom game: Hot tattooed male singers edition

Every week we`ll be sneaking into celebrities homes or former homes, and try

to guess which star gets ready in which bathroom. Now all I have to

do is come up with a good name for this little celebrity guessing game of ours.

As you can see from my post title, I still haven`t come up with a good name yet!

Ok, time to match up which bathroom gets serenaded to by which singer.

So which is...

Ricky Martin`s bathroom?

Lenny Kravitz`s bathroom?

Wiz Khalifa `s bathroom?

John Mayer`s bathroom?

Alright, please take a minute to look at the bathrooms ;) then
Click the ``Click to see more`` to find out who`s is who`s.

I've stolen an idea from a blogger and I don't feel bad.

I was over checking out the latest post at maison21 and I saw an idea of his that I just had to steal. I am blatantly copying him and I want as many people as possible to know what a copycat I am AND I want you to do something about it!

I want you to copy him too.


Here is the face of the man I want you to steal from:

Looks like a sweetie right? Who cares! Let's steal from him people!
(btw, we've never met, he doesn't even know I exist. Actually, I've visited his blog a few times
in the past and am sorry to say that as amazing as it is, it got lost when my long list of blogs to read got deleted from my computer crashing, only to be rediscovered today cause I clicked on a comment he wrote elsewhere.)

I want you to look him dead in the eyes and say "I am copying you Christian, I am taking your idea and I am making it mine. Nothing is going to stop me and nice jkt btw. velvet? I laugh in the face of the disclaimer on your site Christian. I DO NOT CARE!  I am stealing from you right now. TODAY."

btw, here is his disclaimer:



Oh yeah, the red, ALL CAPS font is his. He means business. But we don't care!

Ok, before you think I'm an evil evil person (I'm only a splash evil and that's just for kicks) and before I hype it up too much here's what I want you to copy:

The Animal Rescue Site

Christian's got this button on his site and now I've got it too (bottom right hand corner, last thing sweet gorgeous intelligent readers see, hopefully will get them to act.).


If you want to get a button of The Animal Rescue site  (there are a bunch of different styles and shapes) to support the 100% FREE click to give food to animals please go here

If you want to get their daily email that you click on to give food to animals please go here

If you want to read up on them, check out their faqs page here

If you don't want to do any of these, it's ok, but can you please just pop by the site and click on the big purple button once today? It wIll take 2 seconds, click the big purple button that appears and wham bam thank you mam you're done and you can pat yourself on the back for feeding a starving big puppy eyed, man's best friend, can't open the fridge by himself unless he's in a beer commercial, loves you even when you have a huge pimple that looks like an about to explode volcano smack in the middle of your forehead, dog (or cat). Remember dog spelt backwards is god, and cat spelt backwards is tac, you take your chances of a god putting a tac under your foot...Here's that link again.

Ok, you might be asking, is this girl trying to scam me? Is there something in it for her? Trying to get me to buy something? The answer to all of those questions is a 100% No. I just love animals and if there is a teeny tiny thing that we can be doing to help them out, I think we should. Especially when it is so easy. But there must be a catch you are still thinking.... Not from me there isn't. Like I do, you will probably get 2 emails from this site, one for the click for food (it is clearly described in the email subject line) and another one with the site's deal of the day (it also clearly says it so you don't even have to open it if you don't want to. Most of the time I don't.) I have never bought anything from this site, I'm sure they would be disappointed to hear that, but there you go. They are a for-profit company (hence the stuff for sale) but from what I've read on their site (and you can too here) they are affiliated with non-for-profits and 100% of the food going to animals. 

One last thing....look deep into this puppy's eyes if you are not going to go click and say to him: "I'd rather look at 10 more lipstick collages, pin recipes on my Pinterest board that I will probably never make and exercise routines that even I know I won't do, but I just don't feel like taking the 2 seconds it takes to get you something to eat. Hope you don't starve to death cutie, I've got pinning to do. Hey I'll pin your photo to my board."

See i told you i was a bit evil. here's that link one last time. Can't blame a
girl for trying now can ya?

I don't mean to sound pushy but like with recycling every little bit counts and animals deserve all the help we can give them. Thanks for listening to my rant if you are still reading this!

And thanks to Christian @ maison21 for the great idea, I saw the button on his site and hit myself for not thinking of it myself and figure maybe there are some other people out there who want a hit on the head too. Christian, hope you don't mind the silliness of my post (if you ever read this) (That is a nice jacket though and your yellow sweater you are wearing in your blog photo is also very nice. cashmere?) 

5 pretty pedestal soaker tub bathrooms

Soaker tubs make me think of Victorian times, thick wooden banisters and
regal homes where the butler was summoned by pulling on a velvet rope. There is just something so refined about them, I guess it is because of the pedestal.

I love the soothing grey marble tiles in this first bathroom. Notice how the two walls are different sized brick tiles. Using two different sized tiles creates more warmth and texture. If all the walls were done in the same tile this would be a colder, more sterile looking bathroom. You`d probably feel like you were bathing in a mausoleum if all the walls were done in the big brick pattern. Not the best look for a relaxing bathroom, you`d be way too relaxed then or you`d be having a sexy rendez-vous with a vampire!

I love that they tiled the ceiling, it really shows off the beautiful arch. Most of all I love the fluffy white & black bath mat, it looks so cozy for the toesies and who can resist that great bath stool. Funny story, I had seen that exact stool on sale at a huge, HUGE discount, was going to buy it, but then we were moving and had so many boxes and I wasn`t sure if I really NEEDED it or if it was really the style I wanted, so I kept picking it up and putting it down all over the shop, the price was just so insanely cheap I couldn`t resist, till finally I put it down for good telling myself not to be swayed so much by the price. So now every time I see a photo of this stool looking gorgeous I say to myself nuts I should have bought that stool!

Here`s 4 other bathrooms with pedestal soaker tubs that I think you will like:

The pedestal bathtub pairs nicely with honeycomb hexagon shaped floor tiles:

Not bad with rich, dark wood flooring either:

I have to go thru my files to see if I have a photo of a bathroom featuring a
pedestal tub and a pedestal sink, got to get those two pedestals together!

Crazy about tufted furniture? Then you'll love this tub base.

For my regular tub base post, I thought I'd post this gorgeous white tufted tub base. This
 tufted design is perfect for a diva's bathroom. To really turn this bathroom into the ultimate diva boudoir I'd add a mirrored makeup table covered in silver trays with ornate perfume bottles and a vase of white roses, a clear pink ghost chair draped with a silk robe, feather slippers & a beautiful ornate full length venetian mirror.

Tub in paradise

Where I'd like to be today.

ps. ran out of time this week, I will post a "match the celeb to their bathroom" game sometime next week.
image via: glamour sexy girl

In celebration of Easter: Pets after Easter

This little chihuahua will be taking a spa day after the busy Easter holiday. She'll
have washed and hung up her pretty Easter outfit to dry and stored
away her Easter bonnet that made all the other little puppies jealous. Nobody
out dresses her!

This is what the Easter Bunny will be doing after Easter:

He'll be taking a nice long bubble bath to sooth his tired legs from all that hopping around delivering all those Easter baskets.

Like last year, he will sit there asking himself whether or not he should splurge and buy a computer to just send virtual Easter chocolates or maybe an ipad, it
would be a lot easier to use with his big fluffy paws.

Hercule Piggles will still be swimming the doggy paddle to escape being made into a delicious honey glazed ham, even though he does enjoy a slice of pineapple now and again. He hopes his little legs can keep up the pace.

What is that he sees...

Could he be saved?

Hercule asks himself, "Am I really that good a swimmer and
have I swam all the way to Lake Como?

His Mom and sisters are going to be SO jealous, but then again he doesn't want to
think about that because they are probably having maraschino cherries put in their belly buttons & being served up with parsnips right now. Oh the horror.

Or is what he's seeing a mirage?


"Save me George Clooney!" cries Hercule Piggles.

That last photo is for the chickies. Happy Easter ladies.

Country chic bathroom

This looks like the style of bathroom you`d find in a person who loves
the country but lives in the city`s house.

Look how they used little mosaic tiles infront of the vanity to give the look of a
bathroom rug. Great idea. I love the idea of tiled `rugs`, here`s another `tiled rug` look
I like: this one.

This bathroom is very clean and fresh. Makes me want to jump in that tub with a guitar and belt out some Dolly Parton or Taylor Swift tunes. Afterwards I`d go eat some ribs followed by sweet apple pie (a la mode since we are in the city) yeehaw! Only problem is I don`t know how to play the guitar and the owners of this washroom would probably have me arrested for disturbing the peace because of my extremely bad singing.
images via: shon parker design ltd

Bathroom photo of the week: Bathing with a backdrop of Venice

Perfection, that`s the word I`d use to describe this bathroom.

How luxurious is that bathtub alcove? The two toned drapes, the mural of
Venice and the tub podium... gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

image via: that inspirational girl

Catherine Zeta Jones smokin` in the bathroom

"For marriage to be a success, every woman and
every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end."
- Catherine Zeta Jones

and her reason for this:

 “Separate bathrooms are always a really great idea. Mine is so messy;
I’d absolutely hate for my husband to realize just how incredibly untidy I can be.”

And here`s a cute bathroom story from when Michael Douglas and Catherine were dating:

When Catherine told Michael that she had won a British tap
dancing contest when she was 12 he asked her to prove it, she didn`t want to
scratch up his newly refinished wood floors so she went into his bathroom and
did a tap dance for him in there. So cute and so considerate!

Some fun facts about Catherine Zeta Jones

-  her working-class parents, Pat and David, won £100,000 during a night at
the bingo, allowing them to enrol Catherine in dance and ballet classes

- Her Dad  owned a Welsh sweet factory (one article said he
was a manager at a sweet factory, but the rest say he owned one. I
searched for info on the sweet factory, but no luck! I would have thought
the press would have asked her what it was like to grow up with your own
sweet factory, I know I would have!)

-  Her first professional role was the lead in Annie (one of
Sarah Jessica Parker`s first roles was also to play Annie)

- Catherine has the same birthday (September 25th) as her
husband, Michael Douglas and their difference in ages is 25 years (1969&1944)

- Some articles say she was introduced to Michael by Danny DeVito, others
say they were introduced by Antonio Banderas

- Her wedding band is made out of Welsh gold (so is Kate Middleton`s and
many of the British Royal family wore Welsh gold wedding bands. Welsh gold is
highly prized for its origin and scarcity)

- After the movie Zorro came out people kept on speaking to Catherine in
Spanish. She`s Welsh. She says that the movie instantly gave her a new ethnicity.


- Apparently, Catherine loves karaoke and keeps a karaoke machine in
her trailer while on movie sets...which was probably useful for her
next roll I talk about a bit later.

Catherine`s smart cookie moments:

- At the beginning of Catherine`s career, after auditioning for a role, having figured out what the casting director was looking for, Catherine would change into a different outfit and audition again that same day and she would usually end up getting the part. We can all learn something from that move!

-  Catherine got a $20 million endorsement deal with cell phone carrier T-Mobile. At the time some people were shocked that she would take an endoresement deal. Here`s the great thing she said: "It was a deal that you could not – and should not – refuse. Everyone asked, 'Why is she doing this?' I'm also a businesswoman. Catherine Zeta-Jones is
a brand name". Smart cookie.

I can`t wait to see Catherine as Patricia Whitmore in the movie Rock of Ages:

This post is getting a wee bit long, so I put in a page break, click the
``click to see more`` to keep on reading.

Wallmount sink faucet backsplash ideas plus tips for buying wallmount faucets

I think wallmount sink faucets are fantastic. There are more and more great designs coming out all the time. As condos and houses are getting more pricey, the bathrooms often get smaller. Which is not so great for us makeup and product junkies. We need all the countertop space we can get. That`s where wall faucets come in. (They are especially great for tiny powder rooms!) Lower down in the post I've provided a few tips I think you should keep in mind when choosing a wall faucet (you have to plan out in advance a bit more then when you buy a countertop style faucet). But first lets look at some backsplash styles!

I love the idea of having the wallmount faucet come right out of a mirror like in the photo above, I think it is super stylish, super chic and pretty cheap too! Of course over time you'll get some water damage to the mirror, but that adds character darling!

 The next style is as straight forward as you can get, nothing fancy, just the wall faucet coming out of the wall without any backsplash.This faucet is really beautiful and I love the idea of having the faucet handle on the counter, uber chic, and oh so practical since you won't get your wall wet (but try to find a faucet set up like this - good luck! They are hard to find and when you do they are priced for Royalty). Since it's such an ornate faucet and because the wall won't get wet from dripping hands reaching to turn off the water, it works. However, there is something to be said about taking the time to add a little more Oomph by creating a nice backsplash for your sink wall faucet. I picture a beautiful multi-coloured antique patterned tiles backsplash looking gorgeous with this sink. (tiles like the ones in this post would look nice I think.)

I find this next bathroom so light, airy and refreshing. 

Please click the "Click to see more" to see it (this is a really long
post so I decided to put a page break)

Oil tycoon heirs bathroom

Behind the walls of this lavish Los Angeles estate you will find the sophisticated girly bathroom of the descendants of the late oil tycoon Armand Hammer. This house boasts 6 bathrooms, we only get to feast our eyes on one of them, but it is a
beauty, so no complaints here!
From what looks to be soft pink walls, to those spectacular ornate floor tiles, pink velvet chairs, gold chandelier and gold wall sconces to that huge glass shower and fun leopard print towel, this is one girly, fun sophisticated bathroom boudoir. Don`t you just love the mirrored makeup table? Everything is so romantic pretty in this bathroom.
Interesting tid bit:

You might be recognizing the name A.Hammer, if not, you soon will.
The late oil tycoon's great grandson is Armie Hammer.

He played the twins in The Social Network, acted opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in J.Edgar and will soon be seen in Mirror Mirror. He plays the Prince starring alongside Julia Roberts (who plays the Evil Queen). Can`t wait to see this movie!

If you loved the style of this bathroom, you'll love the rest of the mansion. We can't all afford to drop $13,750,000 to own it, but we can still pin it to our pinterest boards and dream! You can see the rest of this gorgeous mansion on my pinterest board labelled Oil Tycoon Mansion here.

images via: realtor, yahoo, imdb

Outdoor jacuzzi tub with a view of paradise


I think if I owned this tub, I doubt I would even know what a computer is. I would spend all my days and nights sitting in that tub and swimming in the ocean! How about you?

inage via: insidious

Dogs taking baths and a kitty cat inspecting a bubble bath

These two dogs are so lovey dovey! I love photos of dogs taking baths. Somehow they become even cuter when soaking wet and covered in bubbles.

I wonder if that cat ever jumped into the bubble bath. From the
look in his eyes it looks like he thinks he has spotted a fish and is
getting ready to pounce.

If you have some cute photos of your pets taking baths or causing mischief in
the bathroom, send them to me. I`ll include them in my pets posts! You can
email them to me here:

images via: the stars will sing of it, cute overload, celebrating our pets

Insanely beautiful Tuscan style bathroom

Maybe I'm wrong about this bathroom. What would you say its style is?
I am torn, first I thought it would be classified as Tuscan style, but then I think maybe it is Parisian? Any idea what style this bathroom would fall under? Besides insanely beautiful bathrooms of course!

I just can't get over those beautiful legs on that tub, (calling them feet, would not do them justice) they make me think of one of the characters from the book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, how I loved that book when I was little, but not as much as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, now that was a delicious book!

I bet the chair next to the shower is where the harpist sits serenading the owner
of this bathroom while they are taking their bath.

Is this not the picture perfect bathroom? Even the towel shelf is drop dead gorgeous.

image via: Veranda