Who uses their cell in the bathroom the most?

75% of Americans use their mobile phones in the bathroom. And of them
more guys use their cell in the bathroom then girls.

Are you shocked by this number?

 It is a relief to see that 92% of them wash their hands, but with only 14% washing
their cell, these stats really got me thinking............

I thought of all the times I have sat in restos and coffee shops with friends or collegues who have passed me their phone to show some funny video, their kids photos or a picture of their latest boyfriend or girlfriend. Thinking of flicking thru those photos and
then eating a meal, Eewww....

Another fact I found interesting was the online shopping while sitting on the toilet...

What are these 13% of men and 7% of women buying?

I wonder what percentage of these people are on 1-800 flowers or buying some big expensive gift? Having forgotten their anniversary so they sneak off to the
bathroom, order something and then pretend they are all upset telling their
partner that they ordered it and can't believe they haven't received it and
say, let's look at the tracking and see where it is...sneaky bums!

I'm not surprised that it is Gen Y and Gen X that are using their cells while sitting on the toilet the most. I bet there are alot of dating calls where the dialogue goes something like this:

"No, you hang up... Ok, ok, we'll leave our cells on so I can hear you sleeping... What you have to go to the bathroom?....No prob baby, we can still chat...plunk..plunk...No,no, I didn't hear anything, you pee very silently....Oh, you were going number 2? Really? I didn't hear anything..." Aahhh young teenage love...

The stat I'm most surprised by is that 41% of people initiated a phone call !!!?!!

Ok, I can get surfing while sitting on the toilet, texting too, being in the middle of a call and not being able to hang up, ok, or picking up a call because you don't want to miss the call, but initiating a call?! I don't know about that one. Perhaps if you need to call a utility or credit card company where you know that you will have to wait for a few minutes before speaking with someone, but yikes who else would you call when you are about to go to the washroom? Dr.OZ?

And finally, this stat I'm sure makes some companies happy - it is proof that android phones are better than iphones and blackberrys in one situation!  87% of droid users use their cell in the washroom vs. 84% blackberry and 77% apple. So does this mean iphone users are a bit more hygenic? I think it's more proof that the iphone is so much better than the other phones cause we don't need the time in the bathroom to do stuff cause
it's so much easier to use. hahaha....

Want to read the article this diagram was attached to? Click here.

Which stat surprised you most?

For those of you sitting in the bathroom reading this post on
your mobile, leave a comment too!

image via: yahoo


Ly said...

I'm part of the 75% that uses their phone in the bathroom haha. I gotta say it's better than magazines it makes you more productive.


mikky said...

Hi Ly,

Thanks for stopping by! I have to admit I have too - surfed the net, checked email, but not made any calls, I just can't do that :)