Which would you rather watch tv or look at this view?

Oooooo someone's having a romantic weekend...

Crystal flutes filled with bubbly champagne, strawberries, flowers floating in the bath, gorgeous view, fluffy towels, soft candlelight and images of beaches, all this
setting needs is some chocolate and it's perfect.

Love this modern tub shape, it is so sleek looking. I really like the design of
the tv stand/towel rack/bathtub faucets mounting.

In my opinion if you are getting a tub separate from the shower, always
pay the extra money to buy a fixture set that includes a side sprayer. Believe me it is no fun cleaning a tub without one, not that cleaning one with one is much fun either, but I digress. You will always make a splashing mess if you don't get a hand sprayer. And what if your sink faucet design doesn't have a tub faucet that comes with a sprayer? I've looked into buying a separate sprayer in the past but this is much more expensive, not to mention the extra plumbing work, even more moola. If the tub isn't close to the sink try to find something similar in another line or from another company that can match your sink fixtures. If you still aren't happy with the look, please, please choose a new sink faucet. Don't stick with the tub fixture without a sprayer. You will thank me when it comes time to clean the tub, wash your dog or give your baby a bath or sell your house to someone who has any of these. It really does make a huge difference.

Hope you have time this weekend to take a nice long relaxing soak.

Question - see my post title, do you think I need a comma or a semicolon or a dash or maybe a question mark right after the rather? I kinda think something should be there, but I'm not sure which.
image via: photos day


kristina said...

oh i would choose to look at that view any day!! so beautiful!!

NJ Bathroom Contractor said...

What an amazing view! I wish that was my bathroom! Although I may like seeing a beach scene better personally!

mikky said...

Me too Kristina, thanks for leaving a comment!

mikky said...

NJ, I agree, my favorite tub with a views are the beach ones, I could just post on beach views every day, but I try to change it up for those who aren't crazy about beaches as much as you and I are!

Thanks for your comment.