Warren Buffet`s old vacation home bathroom in Laguna Beach California

Since I'm writing about his vacation house, I just had to use a photo
of Warren Buffet in a Hawaiian style shirt.

Try to find bathroom photos from Warren's main home is impossible, believe
me I've tried! But seeing inside his vacation home was easy, I didn't even have to dress in black, climb like spidey or wear a ski mask. Well alright, there is a catch, the
house has been renovated since he lived in it. In case you're wondering, Mr.Buffet last owned this house in 2005, he originally paid $1.05 million and
sold it for a cool $3.5 million.So what I've got here are the after photos. However, I think it is still fun to see. It gives us an idea of how he lives. Actually, the photos we're seeing are an improvement on how he lived, cause if his bathrooms were so spectacular to
begin with then they wouldn't have been renovated. Maybe that's why the
new owners are having trouble selling his house...

 I mean it's one thing to be able to say you shower in the same shower
Warren Buffet did, imagine all the ideas he must have had in those showers, sit
on the same toilet reading the Financial Times as he might have, come bum to
bum with the world's richest man, now that might be worth an additional few
mill to some people. To live in the renovated version of his home, still exciting, or to
renovate his house and sell his old stuff on ebay, even more exciting. The house is 
still for sale and has had a few price drops, in 2009 it was listed at $6,495,000.

So can you afford to live in the prior home of the man who has
repeatedly been named the world's richest person?

The price tag to live in Warren's old vacation house:


Let's put this into perspective, that's a $1.5 million price drop from it's original listing price, and that's only $1,495,000 more than what Warren Buffet sold it for back in 2005, and you haven't even started negotiating yet...

Some deets on his former vacation home:

35 Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

MLS# U11004235 (I've included a link at the bottom of the
post so you can check out the rest of his place)

- it's located on a private cul-de-sac

- is located on the ocean side of PCH overlooking Emerald
Bay's private beach (Oooo sounds nice)

- Views: Catalina View, Coastline View, Hills View, Ocean View,
White Water View
- is 3 stories

- has a 3,190 sq ft lot, the house is 3,103 sq ft

- 4 bedrooms, 4 baths (we get to see 2 of them)

- was built in 1955

Now lets take a look at his place.

Here`s an old photo of the outside of Warren Buffet`s house:

and a more recent one:

I think they did a nice job renovating this washroom. I like the small iridescent mosaic shower tiles, the shower fixtures and sink faucet look quality. The metal sink is nice, seeing as it's a vacation house, I think I would have gone with a bigger sink for people to rinse out their bathing suits in. However, overall it is a nice simple contemporary bathroom. I like the choice in window treatment, the loads of counter space, the open shelving of the vanity, the dark wood floors and classic color combo. It's a classic, safe, never go out of style looking bathroom, that you can recreate even if you're not a billionaire and don't own a beach house!
This must be the master bath with the dual sinked vanity. So this could
have been Warren Buffet's master bathroom:
What do you think of the tile work in that angled shower?

For a multi-million dollar house I find the choice in white square tiles very bland. They look like inexpensive ceramic tiles. These square white tiles look a bit old fashioned for a bathroom renovation, especially since large tiles or mosaics are all the trend now. They could have really made this bathroom pop by doing a beautiful mosaic tile pattern, especially since this might be the masterbath. To save money they could have done a combination of subway tiles and mosaic tiles (see this post for an example of that) or chosen a fancy trim tile and combined it again with subway tiles which cost as little as the tiles they used. Since it's a beach vacation house they could have played up that angle by using colored glass tiles. They are a bit more expensive then ceramic tiles, but less expensive then marble & stone tiles. This would have added visual interest to the bathroom and created that WOW factor people are looking for.

I also think the shower bench is ugly! They should have put in a stand alone bench (a teak wood bench would have looked good with the beige vanity countertop and given a nautical vibe to the bathroom playing off the location of the house) or done the bench in stone. (I'll be posting a post on built in shower benches later this week. There's some really nice examples, come back to check it out! UPDATE: here's the post) And the shower floor would have been nicer if they had done a pebbled floor (playing off that beach theme again), there are any number of ideas that would have looked better than this. It really depends on what tiles you choose for the wall tile, but this shower is just plain old boring.

Plus, there is way, way to much grout in that shower, all I can think about is
how much of a pain this shower is going to be to clean (ok, you'd have alot of
grout with mosaics too, but at least it would look good!)
This washroom does have some nice features thought - the skylight and the vaulted
ceiling. Wish they would have added a bit more Oomph that's all.

Talking about Oomph....check out the views from Warren's house:
Aren't these the perfect shades of blue?

Ahhh... to be able to walk down to the beach every day...pure happiness.

And how far a walk is it from his house?  Here's an aerial shot of Warren
Buffet's house, it's circled in red:

So what do you think of Warren Buffet's bathrooms?

As I mentioned, they've been renovated since he lived there, but it
still gives you an idea of what they looked like.

Are you surprised or is it what you expected?

If you buy Buffet's former vacation house, don't forget to tell 
Tim Smith, to contact me to send me my commission!

Want to see more photos of Warren Buffet's old beach house? Copy this address: 35 Emerald Bay and go here (and enter it in the search box on the left). Or you can check out this article which also has photos of his place.

This was actually a frustrating post to write. If you are interested in reading about my
story about writting this post, click the click to see more to read more:  

A behind the scenes look at why I kicked myself while writting this post:

Being a blogger story: Why being a lazy blogger makes you have to work more.

You see I had started this post a few weeks ago, actually, this post was originally going to be about Lauren Conrad`s family home bathroom, but while searching for more photos of Lauren`s old house I came across an article on how the new owners of Warren Buffet`s house had renovated it and were having trouble selling the house. It's surprising that no one wants to buy Warren Buffet's old house! So I was interested to see what one of the riches men in the world`s bathroom looked like. So I started adding info about Warren to Lauren`s post, I put in all the links, narrowed down all the interesting tidbits I wanted to include, but then I got lazy....The little procrastinator in me didn`t feel like writting the post so I put off finishing it for another day. That was over 2 weeks ago. Finally, I felt like finishing it, so I opened up the post last week on my new ipad but there was nothing there. I figured hmmm maybe my ipad can`t see inside this post for some reason, and once again I put off writting it and worked on other posts. Well today I said that`s it I want to finish Mr.Buffet`s post, so I opened the post to find that it was completely empty! All the notes I had taken, links I had saved for Warren and Lauren`s posts were gone. The only thing I had left was the folder of the photos I saved, but I hadn't saved them with the locations where I'd found them. Don`t know how the post got erased, and worst of all I can`t remember if I also saved the info in a word doc or an excel doc, I went thru my recent docs, but I couldn`t find anything, so I had to go search again to find where I got these photos and to re- read the info on Warren`s house (And so much for the post on Lauren Conrad, I`m procrastinating again hoping that I will find a word or excel backup doc so I don`t have to re-research her post too.) Boy what a waste of time and so painful to have to redo all that work.

So what`s the lesson here kiddies?

The perfect lesson would be don't procrastinate, finish things right away, don't put off for tomorrow what you can get done today....Ideally that would be the case, but sometimes you are tired, you've got too much work to do, you haven't spent time with your sweetie & Suits is on (ok, you could PVR it, but sometimes you just gotta watch your show!) So this is the lesson; only let yourself procrastinate for a few days so that you can still remember where you might have saved a backup, so maybe you can look back in your search history to the sites you visited, so maybe you can remember what you wrote. And especially so you don't have that guilty feeling in the back of your head that you should write that post. I'm sure Warren Buffet would not be impressed, he'd have had that post banged out ASAP. He'd be saying, Honey, there is no way you will ever make the world's richest people list with that work ethic, and he's right. So until I can beat the little procrastinator in me this is the lesson: Go ahead and be lazy, but give yourself a short deadline on your laziness!

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