Simple, cheap and pretty tub base design

 Here`s a tub base frame that would not be hard to recreate.

The top (ie. the tub deck) looks like it`s made out of Caesarstone. 
You`d need to get this professionally cut and it will be pricey.

However, to save money, and if you don`t mind the extra maintenance, you
could also make the top edge of the tub box out of wood. Something like this:

You could stain the wood any number of colours. For the light grey painted tub base in the first photo, a dark grey or light grey wood stain would look fantastic. A high gloss
lacquered look would also be nice.


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Love the paneling in the first installation...Looks fabulous in a high gloss finish to match the rest of the bathroom cabinetry...very classic, but still chic!

Peace. Love. LOL!


mikky said...

Hi Julie,

I agree. I think it is a timeless look. Thanks for leaving a comment.
Peace and love to you too!


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...


Lola said...

I'd love an old fashioned bath tub! X

mikky said...

Thanks for the comments Andi & Lola!