Showers with built in benches

There are so many different styles of built in shower benches. If you`ve
got the space in your shower I think it`s definitely a great idea to
have a bench. It is so relaxing to be able to have a seat in the shower and
let the water pour over you. Don`t laugh, but I have sat down on the
floor of my shower many times and just let the water wash over me.

After a stressful day at the office, when your shoulders are all stiff and your little
head is going in circles thinking about all the work you have the next day,
that water beating down on your head (and imagining that you are in Hawaii sitting
under a waterfall in a private lagoon with a coconut drink waiting...don`t even ask
what our water bills are and yeah I come out with raisin fingers!) just
washes away all the stresses of the day.

Look at this tile and granite color combination. I never would
have though to put these two together, but it works to
add warmth to the shower.

With those dark grey tiles, if buying granite,
 I would have gone with a black granite bench top or a grey granite or maybe even
a blue granite shower bench. Are you sick of me saying granite? I would have also looked at using corian or quartz in white or you could add a wild splash of colour such
as red quartz, fushia quartz or lime green quartz (quartz,quartz,quartz heheheeee),
but I think I would stick with a neutral colour so I'd never get sick of it and
just add colorful towels if I wanted that punch of color.

Nice simple bench, and this shower wall and floor tile pattern is also really nice:

I really like this classic bench look:
Makes me think of the movie Rocky.

This u-shaped shower bench gives enough room for a
few people to sit and enjoy the steam shower.

Do you like any of these benches? If so which ones?

Have a great day.

images via:unknown x 4, elle decor, unknown x 2, hgtv, mary anne smiley interiors, unknown


Tatiana Doria said...

Built in benches in showers are so useful! I try to make one every time I build a shower for a client!
Great post!

mikky said...

I absolutely agree. Thanks for the comment Tatiana! Hope you`re having a great day.

mikky said...

Thanks Heaven! If that is your name it's super cool, I'm going to visit your blog to find out!