Pretty white bathroom oasis

Take a look at this beautiful white bathroom.

Such a fantastic shower. Eventhough it is a 3 tiled walls shower it
looks open and airy. I really like the cararra marble brick tiles, the pretty ceramic stool and
the tiled shower ceiling, which is great for me because I somehow always get the ceiling wet.  

Arent' these mirrored doors perfect?

There are so many pretty details to this washroom, from
the pop of pink of the flowers, the female bust, tulip stool and chic makeup station,
ornate sconces, mirrored wall and marble hexigon floor tiles. It all adds up to a
fabulously feminine white washroom.

images via: martensen jones interiors


Tatiana Doria said...

I love your blog! It´s full of excellent ideas and incredible bathrooms. I´m glad I found you. I´ll be around!
Is there a way to follow?

mikky said...

Wow thanks Tatiana, this is so sweet of you. It is so nice to get feedback on my blog, I always wonder what people think. You made my day! As for how to follow, there is a subscribe button in the left column at the top. So excited that you are going to follow! If there are posts you are interested in seeing please let me know.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your comment.