Anna Kournikova's former Miami Beach Mansion bathroom

Anna Kournikova just sold her waterfront property on the exclusive gated Sunset Island just off the coast of Miami Beach for $7.43 million. A few deets on her former luxurious digs:

it's a Mediterranean-style home
it's 6,600 square feet
has both canal and bay fronts views
boasts a two-story guest house
a heated pool and spa surrounded by a coral rock pool deck
has a sauna
and a boat dock
includes 7 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms 
and has a parade of Royal Palms surrounding the property

I guess Anna was sick of tennis because she didn't have a tennis court.
I searched and searched but I could only find 2 bathroom photos. It looks like
the pictures are of the same bathroom from different angles, but it is still fun to
get a glimpse inside a celebrity`s bathroom.

But first, let's drool over a few pics of the outside of Anna's old house:

Beautiful isn't it?
 If you are ever in Miami, here`s the address: 2345 Lake Avenue in Miami Beach.

Former tennis star or not, I would take this pool over a tennis court any day of the week too!

And who wouldn't want to have their own private dock:

Let's take a peek inside Anna Kournikova's bathroom...

 I don't know if this is the master bath or not, but here's a look:

It's a very elegant looking bathroom. Love her huge shower and the diamond tile pattern on the shower floor. Wonder if Enrique Inglesias sang in this shower.

 The style of the bathroom perfectly fits the Mediterranean style of the home. I can't say I am blown away by this bathroom. I would have imagined something a bit younger looking for Miss Kournikova, but it is very nice. And I definitely wouldn't complain one bit if I could be lying in that tub with the view of my own private boat dock!  Life would be very sweet.

Her home looked like a slice of paradise, can you imagine what her new
place must look like if she gave up living here?!!

Not surprisingly her selling her home and recently wearing a loose tank top have started rumors that Anna is pregnant and that her and Enrique are building a house together in preparation for the baby. If it`s true that will be one beautiful and lucky little one.

some fun facts about Anna Kournikova:

- she's dated Enrique Inglesias for over 10 years, some think
they are married, but they both deny it

- a computer virus, a cocktail and a texas hold'em poker hand have
all been named after her

- she replaced Jillian Michaels as the trainer on the tv show
"The Biggest Loser" for season 12, but did not return for season 13

- as a tennis player, her total career prize money was $3,584,662

- she was the most searched for name on  Google at one point

-even though she retired in 2003 she still is one of the
most searched for athletes in the world on the net

- she trained at the same tennis school as Andre Agassi

- her parents were both athletic, her Dad was a former Greco-Roman wrestling
champion and is still a part-time martial arts instructor and her Mom
had been a 400-meter runner.

(got all these interesting tidbits from wikipedia)

To see a few more photos of her home go here. 

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