Which bathroom do you like more?

Which bathroom do you like better? The first photo or the second?

Looking at these photos I noticed that the two washrooms have
very similar setups. The second bathroom might be a bit larger, but
overall they have the same bone structure. 

Both are long rectangular bathrooms, have arched ceilings, have a window over the
bathtub, shimmery small mosaic floor tiles, same white and light blue
colour schemes and white vanities on either side of the room.

So what's the point you ask...

These photos are a great example of how slight changes in your decisions can
have a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom renovation.

Let's take a look at the major components creating the differences:

1. The window over the bathtub. Changing the size and shape of the bathroom window can be a big design element in renovating a washroom but few people ever give it much thought. If you are already investing alot of money to renovate your bathroom, it can be painful to think of dishing out more money to change a perfectly good window. However, this can elevate your bathroom design from ordinary to extraordinary with cherries and low fat cool whip on top. Bigger was definitely better in the bathroom above! They could have also 
went with a round window or one that mirrored the arch in the ceiling.

2. Vanity base style.  In a long narrow bathroom choosing floating vanities or vanities with thin legs helps to create the illusion of width and makes the bathroom feel more open and spacious. Just take a look at the makeup station on the right in the first photo vs the vanity in the second photo that goes down to the floor, see the difference a little open space makes?

3. Removing walls.  The open shelving in the second photo also helps to create an 
airier look versus the closed wall panels in the first washroom.

4. Stand alone tub vs built in tub. There's no denying that the stand alone tub makes the room look larger, open and elegant. The soft curves of the stand alone tub mimic the soft arch of the ceiling and is the crowning feature of the washroom. The built in tub is nice too, it just doesn't have the same WOW factor as the stand alone one.

So which of the two bathrooms do you like? 

images via: savor home


lilla hornyak said...

very funny concept for a blog :)
I like it!


Jessica said...

Ooh, I love the second one!

Ryan K said...

The first :)

mikky said...

Thanks for the comments Ryan, Jessica and Lilla!

I`m not sure which of these washrooms I like better sometimes it`s the first one, sometimes the second.


Rolled Up Pretty said...

I LOVE the second one. I would kill for that tub!!! Your blog is seriously so cute, I could look at the pictures forever. Glad I found it, newest follower!

mikky said...

Hi Savannah,

Your comment really made my day! I was in a bit of a grumpy mood this afternoon (that time of the month) and your comment just perked me right back up!! So thanks a bunch. Also I'm glad you left a comment because it allowed me to discover your blog which is great, that recipe u posted today looks yummy!


Annemarie said...

Oh this is such a tough choice. They're both gorgeous, but I think I like number one a teeny tiny bit more.

kristina said...

gosh they're both beautiful ~ i really like the looks of the top one but i like the feel of the second one, if that makes any sense!
xo, k