Washrooms with white bowl sinks

Thinking about putting a white vessel sink in your bathroom? I
pulled together a selection of photos that show a variety of them. I love these huge ones
above, however, I'd need to have alot more counter space to hold my
makeup, toothpaste and soaps.

This sink bellow, with it's ample countertop would do nicely. I even like its rustic modern country style vanity. This vanity doesn't look too hard to make for a do it yourself-er. A can of your favorite coloured stain and some planks of wood and you could whip this vanity up in a few days. (you'd spend most of that time waiting for the coats of stain to dry!) 

This is what I love about vessel sinks, they are easy to install and you can pretty
much mount them on most pieces of furniture so you can quickly turn a piece of furniture into
a unique and inexpensive vanity. Note: not every piece of furniture can stand up to the humidity of the bathroom. I'll be doing a tip post on what to look out for.

This vanity looks like it's made out of an old desk. Did you notice the
vanity in the 3rd photo? It could be a nice armoire you'd have
in your bedroom. Further down in the post you'll see a
vanity made out of an old table and one made out of a half moon side table that
with a coat of white paint changed into a pretty girly vanity.

Bet this vanity bellow was super cheap, but what character!
Who would imagine a beat up table with peeling paint would look so good?
Paired with that amazing vessel sink you've got yourself one original vanity.

Thought this post was about white vessel sinks?

 Yeah it was, but it's also to make you look at furniture in a different way. If you want to change your vanity, don't want to spend alot of money and don't feel like getting Ikea's Godmorgon vanity, now you've got options. Head out to the nearest fleamarket, antique shop or your parents place and look for some piece of furniture that will work in your bathroom. You'll be surprised at what you can find.

images via: idfx magazine, unknown, du proprio, apartment therapy rhodec joinery,delight by design, bhg, digsdigs,belle maison,samuel heath


Hannah said...

Very cool! I love the way these look, and especially if it can be affordable! xo

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Unknown said...

Not if..WHEN I get to design and create my dream bathroom I will absolutley incorporate white bowl sinks, I just LOVE them. All these pictures are incredible inspiration.

Anna xo


mikky said...

Hi Anna,

I'm glad you found this post useful. And WHEN you do create your dream bathroom I want to feature it here to celebrate!!!

Have a great day.

mikky said...

Hi Hannah,

I too love when I can find something that is both fabulous and cheap!!! I love things even more when I know I got a great deal on them. Thanks for stopping by. After I read your comment I visited your blog, loved your angry bird costume!