Tub with a view of paradise

It can't get much better then this.

A view of the spectacular crystal blue ocean, a modern jacuzzi tub with mucho jets in a bathroom you can walk right out onto the balcony & into the surf. Calgon doesn't even come close to taking you away like this...

image: unknown. owner of this crazy amazing bathroom --- my future best friend.

ps. sorry the photos in my sidebar are destroying the view a bit, I am still being a lazy person and haven't found a fix for that yet. However, it is part of my new year's resolutions! If my laziness is bugging ya and you know how to fix it, please email me at mikky@todaloos.com Thanks!


Unknown said...


K&B by the Sea said...

Oh yeah, I would LOVE to have that bathroom and that view! I wouldn't mind lying back in the tub and looking up at that great ceiling too :-)

Maybe if you make the pictures in your blog post smaller, they won't run into the sidebar. Or maybe try changing the widths of your sidebars to make them narrower.

mikky said...

Thanks for the suggestions Kelly. I tried making the pics smaller, but I don`t like how it looks. I`ve been fiddling with increasing and decreasing the column width and trying to add padding between the columns, but I must be doing something wrong cause it`s not working. If you look at the scroll bar on the bottom of your screen it shows that the blog is wide, but for some reason I can`t seem to push the side columns out to fill that space. I`m going to do some more googling to see if I can find a fix. Thanks for your advice, always nice to have you stop by!

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