There's a fire in the bathroom!

What could be more luxurious then a bathroom with it's very
own fireplace?  I love the look of vintage ornate
mantles like this one.

If I had a fireplace in my bathroom then I'd have a
selection of fancy bath salts, pretty bath bombs, lofas and decadent
lotions all displayed in beautiful glass jars and pots along the top of the
mantel to make the look complete.

Feel like eating toasted marshmellows while lying in the tub? No problemo here:
Come to think of it, I'd actually like to try that!

In such a colourful and whimsical washroom, it would be cute if they
rolled up towels and stacked them like logs in or next to the fireplace.

Wonder if they hang their Christmas stockings on
the mantle in this bathroom.

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