Raise your hand if you like these washrooms

I've had these photos in my ideas file for awhile, I just
thought it would be fun to see how many bathrooms with
hands in them I could find. Ok, it sounds weird when I typed
that. I had kept the last photo because I liked the tile pattern they
did on the shower and then when I saw this foot/hand gold chair in
the bathroom photo above, I just had to start a collection. I'm not that big
of a collector thought, only have these three photos! I think
they are three great bathroom photos so I didn't want to keep not sharing
them with you guys. Guess I can always do a second
post if I find more, maybe call it the other hand post or something like that.

Don't you just love the first bathroom? It is so elegant and cheeky.
I would love to know who's bathroom this is. I like to think the owner is
an author who writes James Bond style novels or that he's an arms dealer slash
art collector who eats buluga caviar on teenie tiny toasts for breakfast.

You know I like the striped shower tile pattern bellow, but check out the
beautiful creamy mosaic tile pattern in the shower above. It's not
so easy to see, you'll have to practically touch your nose to your
computer screen, but its worth it. I also like how they used a clear plastic
stool in the shower so as not to obstruct the view of the tiles and keeping
with the clean lined minimalist style of the bathroom.

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