Make a statement with your built in tub base design

Is this tub base not fabulous?

The gold framed art really pops againt the white and black patterned tiles.

Also notice how the faucet handles are closer to this side of the tub
for easy reach, while the faucet and sprayer are closer to the
window. Great design. The tub tray is also chic.

Another great detail is the black ribbon down the horizontal blinds. 

Such an elegance bathtub look.

You know, here I'm thinking this design is in tiles, but it could also be wallpaper.
Creating a similar look with wallpaper would definitely be a cheaper
way to do this. If you do use wallpaper, cover the wallpaper on
the tub base with glass so that it doesn't get ruined from
splashes. Yipeee another cheap and chic tub base design!

image via: belle vivir

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Rolled Up Pretty said...

AWWWW! I'm dying, LOVE THIS! :)