Luxurious bath with his and her personalized bath suites

I saw this bathroom featured on Traditional Home. It is actually a bathroom
they designed for the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show. I was drawn in by that
spectacular mural. But what makes this bathroom so outstanding and a great
idea to copy is how they customized the look of the his and her bathrooms to
reflect women`s and men`s specific bathroom needs and style preferences.

I love this idea because it lets us have the girly bathroom of our dreams and
 the manly men won`t be cringing at the thought of getting ready each
morning in a flowery girly filled bathroom boudoir.

The colour palettes for the his and her bathroom suites were inspired by the mosaic wall mural. The woman`s bathroom took on the lighter feminine aspects of the mural and the
man`s the darker richer colours.

Here`s an idea worth stealing: to protect the wood floor from getting wet when you step out of the bath, they outlined the oversized (built for 2, yipee!) tub with Corian. As they put it, the Corian looks like a rug, much chicer then if they had simply used large tiles. However, I`ve
also seen ``rugs`` created out of small mosaic tiles that look spectacular (like in this post), but who doesn`t love no grout lines. So much easier to keep clean.

Now for a peak inside the lady`s suite:

Note how they continued the wood flooring into the suites and used the exact same wall sconces, vanity, vanity mirror, countertop and tile pattern set up (but slightly different tiles) and slightly different faucets, as in the guy`s suite but changed up the colours for everything but the wall sconces and faucet materials. This was a great way to keep the bathroom from looking mish mashy while still giving individualized looks. This is important as it helps to pull the entire washroom together when the individual suites doors are open.

Now you might be wondering why would anyone want a smaller tub in the
suite when there is a huge tub outside??? Cause it's a whirlpool tub baby!!! 

The guy's shower has a steam unit and body jets in it, so after the whirlpool, I'd
sneak across to his shower and then jump into the big tub. What a
perfect day that would be!

btw, I like how they did the framed tiling in the tub area:

Traditional Home`s senior design and projects editor Robert Young definitely created a bathroom alot of couples will be dreaming about. I can`t think of any guy I know who wouldn`t jump for joy to have a tv screen positioned over the toilet!

images via: traditional home
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Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh my gosh, you are killing me with these bathrooms! AHHHH! That first bath tub in the middle of the room is to die for!

mikky said...

Hi Savannah (of Rolled up Pretty),

This washroom is crazy! To have a whirlpool tub, a 2 person soaker tub and a steam shower with jets all in the same bathroom is pure heaven!!!

Hope you`re having a nice day.