Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's Dallas condo bathrooms

Check out the 2 bathrooms in the luxury condo Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are renting while he's playing for the Dallas Mavericks. It's located in the posh Dallas Texas's Victory Hotel & Residences (you know how I love the W hotel bathrooms!).

It's costing them $7,500 per month in rent, pretty good price considering that that's probably cheaper then the cost of one of Khloe's designer outfits.

Khloe Kardashian's condo's master bath looks fantastic. However, these two sweethearts are pretty tall, Khloe is 5 ft 10 inches and Lamar is 6 ft 10 inches, so I wonder how comfy this stand alone tub is for them.

I bet Lamar's legs must hang out the end and no bubble baths for two in this little tub! I'm hoping Khloe, who loves to take photos, takes a few snaps of Lamar testing out that tub (hey Khloe, if you're reading this, send some photos my way!)

I do love the mosaic wall (it's made of mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles. These are pretty pricey tiles, the mother of pearl mosaic tiles I've seen can run anywhere between $25-$100+ a square foot). The colour scheme of their masterbath is perfectly relaxing, great for after a big game or after a drama filled get together with the entire Kardashian family.

Don't worry about Khloe and Lamar having no where to soak thought, cause the building also has an infinity pool, a lap pool and a 5,000-square-foot Bliss spa. I'm sure they'll be holding some private parties at that infinity pool. 

Here's a shot of their other bathroom. Check out what a difference
a paint colour change makes.

Walls in a burnt orangey color:

Same bathroom, but now the walls are painted a creamy crema marfil beige color:

I prefer this beigey paint colour over the burnt orange one. I find the bathroom looks more modern and fresh. How about you?

The only problem I see with this condo is this:
How will Khloe survive with a shoe closet of this size?
I hope there are more shoe closets then this else they will need
to rent another apartment just to hold her shoe wardrobe. And what about Lamar?
We know how he loves his custom made designer shoes.
Hmmm...who will get the closet?

Fun facts about their condo: 
- The condo is owned by Mack Hicks, the son of Texas Rangers owner and Dallas business  magnate Tom Hicks.
-The interior of the condo was designed by Penny Sanders of Sanders Studio .
-The building also supplies a ‘Whatever Whenever’ service. I'm betting they will have these guys pick up shoes from their other house.

If you want to see the rest of their condo click here 

So do you think these bathrooms are glamorous enough for Khloe?

Will she survive with a shoe closet that small? Will it affect their marriage??

And do you think they can fit in that tub?
images via: google, realtor

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