Jonathan Adler designs spare toilet paper roll covers for Cottonelle

You want to add a designers' touch to your bathroom for cheap? Cheaper then
the cost of a Tim Horton`s ice cappuccino? Well now is your chance! The uber
talented Jonathan Adler teamed up with Cottonelle to 
design toilet paper roll covers. You use these little cannisters to
stash your spare toilet paper roll.

If you absolutely need to get your greedy little hands on these
right away, (looks like you can only order them online) go here:

He created the three designs above, they are, from left to right:

Chevron Pink
Barjello Blue
Clover Green

It's strange that I remember this, but as a little kid I can still remember my
first encounter with a tp roll holder. Yes, I know it is beyond weird that
I remember this, I don't even remember who's house I was in. But anyways,
there I was stranded, discovering too late that there was no toilet paper left on
the roll. I looked around to see if there was a spare roll anywhere in sight. I
didn't see any, all I saw, sitting on top of the toilet tank was a weird yellow and
white crocheted thing that looked like a cross between a cake and a very
ugly hat. I must have thought to myself, god that thing is ugly. I quickly
realized it was used to cover up the spare roll of toilet paper. The only
problem was it was covered in dust, lots and lots of dust. So much dust you
could build yourself a miniature dust snowman and have enough left over to
build him an extended family. I think I probably flushed the first 5 winds of
that roll, just cause I didn't want to touch any of that dust.
It's lucky I didn't jam up their toilet.

So no, I am not a fan of the crochet hat/cake toilet paper cover. I
mean no disrespect posting this photo bellow. It's just to give you a bit of
an idea of what they look like. Someone put alot of hard work into this one and
it is far,far, FAR nicer then the one that I saw as a kid and alot cleaner too.

Looking for an example of that ugly crocheted yellow nightmare, I came across an entire world of crochetted toilet paper covers, including this pink poodle one. He just kills me, he is so over the top1970's that you just have to love him and his little pompoms a bit.

I think Jonathan Adler would agree. 

If you know of anyone who has a super ugly or dust covered
toiletpaper holder or never has a spare roll on hand, it is time to do an intervention. 
Sneak into their bathroom and replace that ugly tp cover or text them a ransom 
photo of their old holder and demand that they get one of these before
you return their old one.

btw, these are limited edition, they are available only from January to April 30, 2012.

If you want to get one or many (I think they would be cute to hold cotton balls and qtips too)
you can order them here: Respect the Roll
Mr.Smarty designer matched these tp containers to his line of bathroom
products. So if you want your bathroom accessories to match your new fancy
toilet paper holder, check out Jonathan Adler`s own line of bathroom accessories here
 I think my first choice would be the Chevron pink one,
but I also like the Barjello Blue one too.

So would you get one?
And if so which one?

incase you are too lazy to scroll up, here`s that link again: Respect the Roll
(fyi, this isn`t a sponsored post or anything, I saw a commercial for these while watching the Mentalist, and figured they were worth sharing)

images via: kimberly-clark, blue crocheted tp cover,craftster, porttlekimberly-clark

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