Dishing it up in the bathroom

When I spotted this first photo I stopped right in my tracks. I just
loved the look of this mix matched wall of plates.

Decorating your washroom with a collection of dishes is
not the first thing most people would think of. The idea sounds
weird but the results in these photos speak for themselves.

So how to choose what plates to use?

Try creating a colour scheme like this one with different size dishes:

or go monocromatic with a collection of vintage plates:

or find a series of fun decorative plates like these Fornasetti's Julia plates:

(if you are interested in reading about the lady who's face is on over 500 plates
check out this interesting blog post and if you want to read about the designer
check out the company site: Fornasetti)

or mix sold colored dishes with patterned ones in the same color theme.

and of course a post on plate wall decor would not be complete without a few
 commemorative plates. My grandma's kitchen walls are covered in these.
Oh how she loves her blue plates!

for a feminine romantic look, why not surround your vanity mirror with
 plates and soup bowls in soft spring colours:

and don`t be shy to mix different colours and especially different
shapes. I`ve seen everything from big flower shaped dishes to egg serving dishes
to weird shaped dishes up on the walls, and I have to say that adding a
few strange shaped dishes really adds to the look of these dish wall
murals. So if you love some wacky tacky plates add them in!

Grab all those gorgeous dishes you never use or the
favorite pieces you've saved and start decorating those washroom
walls with unique shaped plates, dinner plates, soup bowls, 
dessert dishes and serving trays!

First we put sofas in the washroom (check out that post here), and
now we are finding plates in there too, what could be next?

If you like the idea of decorating with plates, stay tuned, I'm going to do a post
later this week showing a variety of pattern layout ideas to create your wall of dishes decor.
update: here`s that post


kristina said...

what a great idea! thanks mikky! i love all of these, esp. the wall of colorful vintage plates!! p.s. loving your blog as usual..
xo, k

mikky said...

Thanks Kristina, it`s always nice to read your comments. Have a great day!


Meta Musings said...

Cute! Love the second one :)