Part 2 of decorating with dishes: the ideas file

 I think these Fornasetti Adam and Eve dishes would look killer in a
bathroom with black walls and gold fixtures.

Now, as promised, I`ve pulled together a collection of
plate mural decorating styles and patterns.

Click the click to see more to check them out!

A cluster of dishes like this over an arched window or mirror is nice:

I set up similar to this next to his and her vanities would make a statement- replace the two single beds with vanities and scooch the dishes to either side of the mirrors over the vanities. Or do 3 rows of dishes - one row on either side and one in the middle, or just do one row of
dishes between the two vanities. I think one row of plates between
two pedestal sinks would look fantastic.

Framing really beautiful plates is a nice idea too: 

 A wall of plates is interesting too. I think it would look great in a restaurant washroom,
but you`d have to be careful doing this in a home washroom.

Or buy some plain plates and paint on your own design like this:

This design could look nice over the tub:

Here`s a diy someone did. They bought plates at the Salvation
Army and added display mirrors you can buy at the
dollar store to the center of the dishes. This would
be really practical for the bathroom. Best to
use serving dishes with a built in center dip bowl to get
the elevated middle to place the mirror on.

Displaying a collection of dishes from your travels is a great idea.

Could do this on a side wall next to the shower

Using ribbons to hang plates is a nice touch. If the plates don`t have holes, you
can still hang them by ribbons by attaching the ribbons to the back of the dish
or to the hanging device.
It`s also pretty to have some ribbon showing bellow the dish too.
Another idea is to take a wide ribbon and hang a row of dishes down it.
Try out different textured ribbons from velvet to grosgrain.

Over the door or over the shower or window:

Imagine that was a vanity:

Write each family members name on a dish or some
motivational quotes to get you energized in the morning:

This grouping of dishes is similar to my fav from the styles in the first post that
got me started on the dish collection decor craze!

Hope this helped to give you some ideas for mural dish displays.

With Valentine`s day just around the corner, the stores will be filled with pretty red and pink dishes with heart designs and shapes so it is the perfect time to scoop some up to add
heart shapes to your dish decor design.

If you do create a design, I want to see it! Please send me photos at

If you missed the first dish decorating post, check it out  here

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