Can't decide which of these ornate tile colour combos I like better

It's amazing what a change in paint colour can do.

 I had these two photos saved in my file because I liked the look of both their ornate tiles. It's only when I had the photos side by side did I realize that it was essentially the same bathroom.

With such ornate tiles, alot of people play it safe and go with white walls, but these two photos show that it is much nicer to pick a shade found in the tile and use it as your paint colour. If your bathroom is on the small side, picking a lighter shade will help make
the bathroom look bigger.

I also like how in the first photo they painted the 
tub a similar colour to the wall and in the second they took two different
colours from the tiles to paint the tub and the wall.

 I think both looks are beautiful and again I don't know which I like better!

images via: the city sage, frankly esoteric

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