Blogger bathrooms: Vacationing in Hong Kong High Styling style

I was reading High Styling blog by Sarah and I could not get over her Hong Kong vacation photos. Sarah`s trip looked AMAZING. The hotel she stayed at was gorgeous and her hotel room washroom was really nice. Since mine is a blog about bathrooms, I wanted to share the pics she took of the bathroom in her hotel room. I think this bathroom is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to design a  small modern bathroom.

Sarah stayed at this gorgeous hotel:


And this was her bathroom:

It`s compact, but the beige colour scheme, the large windows, the bathroom layout and the window between the bathroom (with horizontal blinds for when you need some privacy) and bedroom, makes it look spacious. I love the tub fixtures and that swivel mirror.

What an amazing view of Kowloon harbour from her bathroom.

A few more photos from the hotel`s site:   

A great shot of the super stylish small vanity. I like the wooden
towel storage rack underneath the sink. Such a good idea.

Here`s a photo of a bathroom suite. I like how they tiled the walls.
A very modern, but not sterile looking bathroom design:

Ok, now let`s play the tourist....If I stayed at this hotel
I`d have to take a dip in their pool:

After shopping till I dropped, my next stop would be to lose my voice screaming on some of the rides at Ocean Park, Hong Kong`s premier theme park:

And visit some of their resident cutie pies.

Like these cuddly pandas in the Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat:

And these guys from the Rainforest attraction:

Check out all the amazing Ocean Park theme park atttractions here. I so want to go there!

Thanks again to Sarah for letting me use her photos and for making me dream of visiting Hong Kong one day. Be sure to check out Sarah`s blog High Styling to read really interesting post and see gorgeous photos.

James Dean doesn't like being in this bathroom

What James Dean is saying in this photo - "Have some mercy, open the window man!"

image via: eric cohler design

Empire tubs fit for a Queen

For Valentine's day I love getting chocolates with the little booklet describing
all the yummy flavours, but would I mind getting a bathroom like
this for Valentine's this year? I think not!

Red and pink rose petals would look so pretty floating in
one of these Waterworks Empire tubs.  

Don't you just love, love the mosaic floor in the first photo? It is one of my
favorites. These minty green drapes in the bathroom bellow would
make me very happy too!

And I am dying over these gorgeous Calacatta marble walls and floors.
The gold veins are so beautiful and really pop against the
black window frames. Perfection.

If you want to create an elegant, luxurious, feminine bathroom fit for a
Queen, a show stopping Empire tub is definitely a good place to start.


Tub with a view of paradise, but this one has flowers floating in it

Yet another reason why I NEED to win the lotto!

Have a great weekend.

* don't forget to leave your guess for the "what is it?" in the
comments section. I'm so
curious to see what you guys guess.

images via: wonderin if you know

Raise your hand if you like these washrooms

I've had these photos in my ideas file for awhile, I just
thought it would be fun to see how many bathrooms with
hands in them I could find. Ok, it sounds weird when I typed
that. I had kept the last photo because I liked the tile pattern they
did on the shower and then when I saw this foot/hand gold chair in
the bathroom photo above, I just had to start a collection. I'm not that big
of a collector thought, only have these three photos! I think
they are three great bathroom photos so I didn't want to keep not sharing
them with you guys. Guess I can always do a second
post if I find more, maybe call it the other hand post or something like that.

Don't you just love the first bathroom? It is so elegant and cheeky.
I would love to know who's bathroom this is. I like to think the owner is
an author who writes James Bond style novels or that he's an arms dealer slash
art collector who eats buluga caviar on teenie tiny toasts for breakfast.

You know I like the striped shower tile pattern bellow, but check out the
beautiful creamy mosaic tile pattern in the shower above. It's not
so easy to see, you'll have to practically touch your nose to your
computer screen, but its worth it. I also like how they used a clear plastic
stool in the shower so as not to obstruct the view of the tiles and keeping
with the clean lined minimalist style of the bathroom.

Fresh bathroom tile design idea

What a statement a simple change in tiles makes!

The stripe of grey tiles ups the Wow factor of this beige tile tub base design.
I like that they used the exact same bamboo patterned tile, just switched up the color. This is
definitely a keeper to store in that bathroom remodeling ideas folder!

I do love that they tiled all the walls right up to and around the windows. It gives
a clean spa like look to the tub area.

There's a fire in the bathroom!

What could be more luxurious then a bathroom with it's very
own fireplace?  I love the look of vintage ornate
mantles like this one.

If I had a fireplace in my bathroom then I'd have a
selection of fancy bath salts, pretty bath bombs, lofas and decadent
lotions all displayed in beautiful glass jars and pots along the top of the
mantel to make the look complete.

Feel like eating toasted marshmellows while lying in the tub? No problemo here:
Come to think of it, I'd actually like to try that!

In such a colourful and whimsical washroom, it would be cute if they
rolled up towels and stacked them like logs in or next to the fireplace.

Wonder if they hang their Christmas stockings on
the mantle in this bathroom.

Celebs in tubs: Robin Tunney

I love the Mentalist. I think it`s one of the best shows on tv right now. Can`t get enough of
Simon Blake`s character Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon, Robin Tunney`s  character is
the perfect side kick to him.

All this time I though her character`s first name was Lisbon, I`m going to have to pay
more attention next time to see if anyone calls her Teresa.

I like this sequin shower curtain, but someone should have cleaned
that grout! Ewwww.....

image via: robin tunney

Washrooms with white bowl sinks

Thinking about putting a white vessel sink in your bathroom? I
pulled together a selection of photos that show a variety of them. I love these huge ones
above, however, I'd need to have alot more counter space to hold my
makeup, toothpaste and soaps.

This sink bellow, with it's ample countertop would do nicely. I even like its rustic modern country style vanity. This vanity doesn't look too hard to make for a do it yourself-er. A can of your favorite coloured stain and some planks of wood and you could whip this vanity up in a few days. (you'd spend most of that time waiting for the coats of stain to dry!) 

This is what I love about vessel sinks, they are easy to install and you can pretty
much mount them on most pieces of furniture so you can quickly turn a piece of furniture into
a unique and inexpensive vanity. Note: not every piece of furniture can stand up to the humidity of the bathroom. I'll be doing a tip post on what to look out for.

This vanity looks like it's made out of an old desk. Did you notice the
vanity in the 3rd photo? It could be a nice armoire you'd have
in your bedroom. Further down in the post you'll see a
vanity made out of an old table and one made out of a half moon side table that
with a coat of white paint changed into a pretty girly vanity.

Bet this vanity bellow was super cheap, but what character!
Who would imagine a beat up table with peeling paint would look so good?
Paired with that amazing vessel sink you've got yourself one original vanity.

Thought this post was about white vessel sinks?

 Yeah it was, but it's also to make you look at furniture in a different way. If you want to change your vanity, don't want to spend alot of money and don't feel like getting Ikea's Godmorgon vanity, now you've got options. Head out to the nearest fleamarket, antique shop or your parents place and look for some piece of furniture that will work in your bathroom. You'll be surprised at what you can find.

images via: idfx magazine, unknown, du proprio, apartment therapy rhodec joinery,delight by design, bhg, digsdigs,belle maison,samuel heath

Tub with a view of paradise

It can't get much better then this.

A view of the spectacular crystal blue ocean, a modern jacuzzi tub with mucho jets in a bathroom you can walk right out onto the balcony & into the surf. Calgon doesn't even come close to taking you away like this...

image: unknown. owner of this crazy amazing bathroom --- my future best friend.

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Cuties in tubs

Tough decision...who is the cutest in the tub?

Got some cutie pics of your pets? Email them to me: