It's almost that time of year again...


To put away the bathroom scale that is!
It's time to hide it far away in the back of some closet so we can enjoy all
the yummy Christmas goodies.
I love the looks on these two little girls faces.
What do you think is going thru their minds?
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Tub base Tuesday: Knock on wood oval tub surround

You may have noticed that the past 2 months have been a wee bit short on the post side.
I've mentioned it a few times, but now that things have slowed down for the holidays I can get back into it. Between shopping for xmas presents that is! I'm so last minute this year. It is going to be a scramble, but that does add to the excitement. How is your Christmas shopping going?
Today's tub surround is a 2 for 1, it's a Tub with a View and a Tub base Tuesday. Ok, technically this is a freestanding tub you can buy like this, however, I thought it was a nice design idea that can be recreated for a drop in oval tub.

This bathroom looks like it's nestled in the trees. Who knows maybe it's inside the posh
treehouse of a little Richie Rich.
I like the modern look of the wood siding, it is the perfect choice to go with all
the greenery outside.

(btw, if you want something less modern check out these other two posts: this one is also stand alone, but tiled: oval tub with mosaic & this one is not stand alone: a classic oval tub base)
Wish Santa would bring me a treehouse bathroom...
So, did you finish all your shopping?
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A wonderful little white washroom

What drew me to this bathroom was the incredible rug. It is just so pretty.
After I tore my eyes away from it I took a good look at this all white
bathroom. The owners did a fantastic job.

 You can't get much more timeless then this compact bathroom.
From the white honeycomb floor tiles, to the subway tiled walls and classic style white vanity this look will never ever, ever, ever, ever, Ever go out of style!
The little pops of colour in the flowers, handtowel and that rug (that I would just like
to roll up and sneak home...) add the perfect touch of pretty to this petite bathroom.

Since the tub and vanity are so close to each other it is a very nice touch that they went with an undermount bathtub to match the style of the undermount sink. It is especially nice that they matched up the flow of the marble veins on the tub to those on the vanity countertop.
Notice how the right side of the marble on the vanity has very few lines and at the back of the tub the marble is almost completely white? This little detail actually helps to make the bathroom feel larger as your eye sees an unbroken flow of white space. Meanwhile all the great veins are grouped together at the front and right side of the tub, somewhat similar to
the marble on the vanity.
Compare photos 1 & 3 to see for yourself how they matched up the marbles and
let me know what you think!

Master Bath vanity - Pottery Barn: they call them Sink consoles, I can't find this model, however they have a bunch of similar styles.
Master Bath hardware - Pottery Barn (came w/ vanity). However they have a similar style for sale: Ashland Faucet. On the ends of the handles it says HOT and COLD. cute.
Master Bath Lighting - Restoration Hardware Chatham Single Sconce in Polished Nickel
Master Bath Window Treatments: Fabric from Ikea
Master Bath Paint colour : Behr from Home Depot - April Mist
Paint colour of moldings - Behr from Home Depot - Polar Bear
Master Bath Soap Pump - Restoration Hardware: looks like it's from the Lugarno Accessories line.
Master Bath gorgeous rug - Anthropologie

images via: apartment therapy

Tub base Tuesday: Marbelicious


I can never get enough of marble in the bathroom.
This bathtub base with the incredible movement and pattern is such a stunner. And just look at that marble sink, simply fantastic! I like the choice in wall colours and the sleek look of the storage and glass shelving, the only thing I might change is the floor tiles.

I think I would prefer the look of a lighter floor, it would make the bathroom look bigger and brighter and really help to showcase the incredible marble. What do you think?

image via: houzz

Tub with a view: Tangerine orange walls

 bathroom tub filled with fushia flower petals hotel tub

Would you say this paint colour is tangerine orange or pumpkin orange?
I think tangerine sounds nicer, however, since we are only a few days away from Halloween maybe I should have called it pumpkin. Either way, the orange really makes that view pop. If this is too much orange for you, a nice idea could be to paint the ceiling and all the other walls white and just leave the wall with the view orange.
image via: accidently deleted it, if you know please let me know, I am kicking myself.

Favorite bathroom photo of the week: mixed metals

Some people say you should never mix your metal colours, I guess they have not feasted their eyes on Cartier's gorgeous Trinity ring. It was designed in 1924 and is still coveted to this day. Do you know the symbolism of the three golds? If you're curious, I've included it at the bottom of this post.

And what dear readers does Cartier's Trinity ring have to do with our bathroom of the week?
Simple, like this pretty ring, this bathroom would not be as decadent if only one metal colour was used. The bathroom looks that much more glamorous because of the mix of the silver coloured ball footed tub with the opulent gold mirror and antique gold chandelier. It feels much more current then if they had done everything in the same colour palette. Also, notice how the drapes are in the same colour family as the mirror and chandelier, while the intricate crown moldings and vanity are grey, playing off the silver tub, these details really help to balance out the design and pull it all together. 

And the symbolism behind the 3 golds in the the Cartier Trinity jewellery is:
18 karat white gold stands for friendship
18 karat rose gold for love
18 karat yellow gold for faithfulness
It represents all the qualities needed in a happy relationship.
Isn't that sweet? I think I will have to tell my husband...:) 

images via: cartierharpers bazaar

Celebs in tubs: Colin Egglesfield

Now we get to see Colin Egglesfield every week on the Client List, but the first time I saw him was in the movie Something Borrowed. When I saw Colin in Something Borrowed you could just see his star quality, it was the same reaction I got when I saw Heath Ledger in A Knight's Tale & Daniel Craig in Layer Cake, you instantly knew they would be big stars. And then when Colin smiled, you saw Tom Cruise's smile.
Some fun facts about Colin Egglesfield:
- Colin is rumored to be in the running to play Christian Grey in the
film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey
- has a tshirt company called Shout Out Clothing
- wanted to be a doctor, to pay for med school he started modeling
- has modeled for Calvin Klein, Versace & Armani to name a few
- runs marathons (hmmm Tom Cruise likes to run too)
- loves chocolate donuts (who doesn't?! ;) )
Don't think Colin Egglesfield looks like Tom Cruise?
Take a look at these photos and tell me I'm wrong.... 

(And here's a mission impossible for you, try to find a photo of Tom Cruise with a
closed mouth smile, not easy folks!)
It's only a matter of time till Colin Egglesfield has a huge film career.
How I wish I worked in Hollywood, I'd be pitching a movie where Tom Cruise and Colin Egglesfield play brothers, maybe long lost brothers in a Mission Impossible action movie, I can just picture it.

Where to eat breakfast?

Doesn't this breakfast look delicious?
I think we should all have a bite before we check out the bathroom.
We are having our yummy breakfast at the Hotel La Malcontenta, located in Catalonia’s bucolic Empordá region, just the name sounds so romantic and inviting.
So where should we eat?
In the outdoor dining area?
In the dining room?
Don't you just love these floral panels and
how they mix matched the dining chairs?
Or munch on a chocolate dipped croissant while lounging by the pool?
Or outside our own little private cabana?
 Maybe you'd prefer your breakfast served in bed?
Now if you chose in bed, you get a nice view of the incredible bathtub. If you felt like
it you could even have your breakfast in the tub!
And what a tub it is. Made completely out of pieces of marble, this is one show stopping tub.
I can just picture a great poet or playwright lying belly down in this tub, using the area where the pillows are as his desk, with sheets of paper, a glass of wine, plates of half eaten food and dripping candles spewed across it as he writes his next masterpiece.
These solid marble sinks are equally stunning. I like the contrast of the square shape with the round interior of the sink and how tall they are, showing off the beautiful marble pattern. I think the fact that the marble pattern is different on each sink adds to the visual interest.

So, where oh where would you choose to eat this delicious breakfast?

image via: lazaro rosa-violan andilana hotels

Magnificent Art deco-ish master bathroom

How insanely stunning is this master bathroom?
There is not one thing I would change in this bathroom.
Everything was kept streamlined to really showcase the Azzurro Onda Marina Stone wall. The art deco style vanity with it's square pattern plays up the pattern in the stone wall and the colour of the wood really compliments the blue in the marble (and so do the few red branches in the vase. They really thought of everything!).
I also like how the square design was repeated in the floor tiles and that two different patterns were used. There are so many beautiful details to this bathroom. The crisp whiteness of the vanity counter top is fantastic, so are the modern shower fixtures and door handles (notice how they are square, again repeating the pattern on the floor and on the vanity). I think this is one of my favourite bathrooms, it is truly original.
Anyone have an idea what the white thing on the right is? A modern bench? I have no clue.

images via: interiors digital

Tub with a view: pillared bathtub alcove granite perfection


This is the kinda tub with a view you light candles around, fill up the jacuzzi tub with bubbles (even though you shouldn't), pour a glass of red wine and maybe have a pianist and harpist serenade you with music as you lay back, stare out at the stars and smile as you think of that winning lotto ticket you picked to treat yourself to this lavish bathroom.
btw, did you notice how pretty the tops of those cement pillars are? Or the cute little chandelier over the tub or the extra little detail in the floor tiles? I really like how they added little square mosaic tiles between some, but not all, of the crema marfil tiles. It adds a nice touch and works well with the rich brown granite steps.
Now get out there and buy yourself a lotto ticket!
image via: houzz

A dozen fun Blue bathroom vanities

They say that variety is the spice of life, so why is it that the majority of us end up going for a brown or white bathroom vanity? I know it's for the timeless factor, bathrooms are pricey and then there is the availability factor, most of the reasonably priced bathroom vanities are, you guessed it, white or brown.
However, as you'll see in these photos, buying a simple white vanity and repainting it a daring or delicate shade of blue can take your bathroom from feeling the blues to the sky's the limit! Not bad for a weekend project and the price of a gallon of paint. I doubt I'd ever get sick of any of these blue vanities, but if you did you can always scoop up some primer and a different colour paint.
I love the combination of these Robin's egg blue cabinets with the
frosted glass handles, it's so feminine.
And how perfect does this deep blue vanity work in a boy's bathroom: 
I also like the modern look of these Ikea kitchen cabinets used for a bathroom vanity. Yes, those are Ikea cabinets! Don't you just love that wake me up to go go blue? The bright blue vanity paired with the light grey carrera marble and patterned floor is just fantastic.
The cute little blue vanity above is actually an inexpensive vanity from Canadian Tire  that was repainted blue. It is in the basement of House & Home Senior editor, Meg Crossley. You can read about her basement bathroom renovation here.
(I couldn't find the model Meg used on the Canadian Tire site, but I did find 2 others that were nice. For a contemporary look the Debbie Travis Tudor Vanity would work & for a more classic look, the For Living Lexington Bathroom Vanity could be nice. I think the Lexington one would look great like this:
Isn't it much more fun and interesting to have a blue vanity then if they had left it white?
And what girl could resist a Tiffany blue bathroom vanity? Pas moi!
That little nook is a great space saving idea and I like how they used the contrasting yellow subway tiles to give an extra punch to the Tiffany blue cabinet. 
 Want to keep it real simple? Then this little blue table with the white
vessel sink might be just up your alley:
Which is your favorite shade of blue?

Tub base Tuesday: Ahoy! tub

There are some nice details to this bathroom, from the fish mosaic tiled bathtub wall to the brushed gold faucets, ladder towel rack and the pretty striped towels are all great accents. But we're here to talk about the tub base, cause after all it is Tuesday (ok, I'm a day late posting this baby!, I think that's 2 weeks in a row, it's just that Tub base Wednesday just doesn't sound as good. So not only did I start a sentence with But, my old English teachers would be very mad at me, especially now that I might also be referring to them as old, but I'm also fooling around with my posting days, shame, shame on me. I will eventually get back on track!) 
Ok, enough of my ramblings, back to this tub base. I'm just not sure about the built in lighting. The round spotlights on this wood panelling make me think it look like port holes on a cruise liner or submarine. Not sure if this is a plus or a minus. However, I do think little kids would like it.

I would love to know what you think. Do you like the lights?

Are they a DO or a DON'T? 

image via: southern living

Before and After bathroom renovation: Midcentury modern makeover

I love looking at Before & After transformations. Of course bathroom remodels are my favorite. Sometimes when I am surfing thru the houses for sale and I see a disgusting, outdated bathroom I wish that when the buyers renovate the bathroom they would post their After photos. I am just so curious to see what they did.
Looking at this bathroom, you might not see it as a stunning retro bathroom, but wait till
you see the After pictures. I think you will be blown away by this bathroom reno.
Now that you've had a good look at the Before photos are you
ready to see the After?
Click the "Click to see more" to check out the incredible AFTER photos!

Tub with a view of the ocean blue

Have been mega busy with work, hence the lack of my regular number of posts the past couple of weeks. I've been missing doing the tub with a view posts especially. There is something so relaxing about looking at tropical bathtub photos. How gorgeous is this round tub, the little palm tree fringe and the colour of that water? Why can't I be there right now? Ahhh heaven. What a lucky little rubber ducky that is!
image via: unknown

NYC marble masterpiece bathroom

 Ever dream of living in New York? This townhouse in the West Village looks so warm and
inviting, I could move right in. It is elegant and chic but relaxing at the same time. And the bathroom...what a show stopper. But first let`s wander thru the rest of the house and
dream that it is ours while we try to figure out how to raise $20,000,000 to buy it. 

Just look at those delicious black walnut wood floors, gorgeous!

I like the look of the casual eating area - the super long blue couch, the pops of turquoise in the rug and the artwork. That is probably 'real' art, but I think it would also be a nice way to display your kids' art.

I love the modern art and bright white walls in this home. It really gives a fresh feel to the classic furniture pieces.

Have you ever seen such a cool looking exercise bike? I think I need one like this! I'd be peddling away every day to get my tushy into shape like in that photo!

And the piece de resistance.....
This unbelievable bathroom!

Just look at that skylight. WOW WOW WOW. Wall to wall marble, icredible views (of the Hudson River and Highline) and a solid marble bathtub, this bathroom looks like is should be floating on a cloud.

So which is your favorite room?
If you want to see another richy richy home with an incredible marble bathtub, check
out this post (it's only $10,000,000 more, pocket change ;) !):

81 Horatio Street
West Village, New York, NY 10014
Web ID: 3003748
Hudson River and Highline views

images via: ny times