What is it?

Yes this belongs in the bathroom.

What you don't have one?!

Find out later this week what this thing is....

Any guesses????


Clochet said...

Wow!! No idea...I will have to come back to check what it is!

Regarding your question...I'm a very sporty person, I swimm (because I suffer from my back), I run and I cycle regularly :-)

koralee said...

No guesses here...I have no idea other than a candle holder...thank you for visiting me the other day..your blog is so much fun!

Ryan K said...

ceramic mushroom candle holder?

mikky said...

nice tries, but nope, it is something specifically for the bathroom.

mikky said...

Koralee, thanks for the sweet comment,I love your blog too!

Clochet thanks for the tips, I will need to start working out more!

Ryan, I see you have a blog too, I will check it out and thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

is it a jewlery holder? thats my guess!

love from San Francisco,

Unknown said...

Hi Mikky,


Gorgeous bathrooms here

Love your Kate Hudson fact re: the pole... ha!

I didn't have room for the pole, but it's a cute idea.


K&B by the Sea said...

I'm going to guess a toothbrush holder. Whatever it is, it looks pretty cool :-)

mikky said...

Oooo someone might have the right answer....I will post it later tomorrow.

Louwink - I don't have room for a pole either, I would probably end up banging my head on the toilet and need to call an ambulance and have fun explaining to the drs how I cracked open my head in the bathroom!!!